Friday, May 25, 2007

Captain Jack and Neurotic Lisa

Le sigh. Captain Jack Sparrow. How I love thee. Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night ... was so good. SOO GOOD!

Takes me back to my post last July when I saw the last Pirates movie. I'm just as in love with Captain Sparrow now as I was then ... good thing he's a fictional character, or I may be in trouble with the Hubster.

LOVED Keith Richards in it. Didn't have a huge role, but he was really the ULTIMATE pirate. Dark, mysterious, sulky and sullen.

Also ... I thought I'd give you all a taste of my neuroticism. About a billion times a day I'm logging into "myUofC" to check the status of my transfer application. This is what it looks like ...

So ... as you can see ... it's complete. I'm hoping that I'll log in eventually and see a green check mark instead of the circle ... but the more I think about it ... if I see anything else, I may have a heart attack. A mini one, but it would definitely mark as precursor to a break-down. Well ... maybe not a break-down, but some real disappointment.
Instead, maybe I should just google some nice pics of Captain Jack. That could be just the diversion that I need.

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