Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well, a fabulous day it was yesterday, with my family. Today, we're on the move to spend some time with Jason's family.

There were lots of prezzies, there was lots of game playing, movie watching, eating, and good times.




Merry Christmas to everyone, and I'll write more later!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Busy Friday

So, Jason and I met a friend for breakfast, then we picked up one last Christmas present (don't worry, we didn't hvae to go to a mall for it, so it was super fast). I dropped Jason off at work, went home and wrapped up a few things, took care of some house stuff, picked him up, then his cousins from New York came to visit, then we chilled for an hour (or so), and then we went for dinner with friends, and went over to their house for a killer game of monopoly (NHL version). It was a jam-packed day, and it was awesome.

Thursday night, was even better on the funny scale. It was Joe's 18th b-day, and we went out for dinner, had cake at Mom & Dad's, and then we took him to the Rose & Crown pub to have some b-day drinks before he went to Hi-Fi (dance club) with his buddies. There are some pretty funny pics, here's a few:


Prezzie Time

Joe and Sem

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like ...

... Christmas. Even though Jason and I are foregoing the tree this year (we won't really be around to appreciate it), I'm getting into the spirit of things.

I went over to my Mom's last night to do some Christmas chocolate making and baking. We made our Polish Christmas cookie staple ... chrust (I don't even know where to begin in spelling it, so don't even ask if that's right). Here are some pics:

Ready to Go

Deep Fry It

Finished Product

It's labour intensive, not very healthy, and the BEST thing ever.

I tried making truffles, again, this year. It's always a futile act, since never before have they worked out for me. BUT ... this year I had a Martha Stewart holidays magazine with me. I tried her recipe in the back, and followed all of her instructions, and they turned out SOOOO well! I couldn't believe it. I made them out of milk chocolate, we dipped some in white chocolate, some in dark, and we rolled them in crushed candy canes and crushed almonds. I'm so proud! You can always count on Martha!

Today is Joe's 18th Birthday, so we're heading out on the town to show that boy (ahem ... excuse me ... show that MAN) a good time. Should be pretty interesting. It'll be the first time that the four siblings head out together. I'm a little scared.

I had a dream last night about school, the first time ever. I think it's because I won't let my conscious mind think about it - so my unconscious mind is rebelling. We're going to have to see what we can do about that - unacceptable!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ahhhhhh ... Home Sweet Home

I'm home. I love it.

I finished writing my Criminal exam yesterday, and it was kind of weird. I didn't prepare as much as I did for the other exams, but I almost feel better about it, which worries me (perhaps I didn't know enough to be worried).

I went to Louis' after the test, with tons of people from law, had a pint, and then went for dinner to my Auntie Dona's ... got to see my cousin Mike, which was pretty awesome. Then ... zipped home, grabbed my bags, and got driven to the airport where I flew home.


I have a dentist appointment this morning, and I'm baking with my Mom tonight ... think I'll try and hit the gym in between (oh how I've missed my own gym).

Goals for me, for the two weeks that I'm home ... crack through the Pro-Bono books that I've brought home, and start thinking about a summer job, make sure I have one, secure it up (maybe it's already a little too late to secure anything legally related?).

We'll see.

AND ... personal goals include seeing as many of my friends as possible. I've got a list, we'll see if I can get through it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For two weeks! I'll be home! Ahem ... after I write my criminal mid-term, that is. I'm just wrapping up the studying (which I must admit, my whole heart hasn't really been into), and getting my place ready for being gone for two weeks (purged the fridge, cleaned my room, etc.)


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm Finally on a Roll with Criminal

It took me so long to get into the groove, but I'm there.

I'm in the kitchen, working like a demon, and in the living room, my roomies are watching a biography segment on Pink ... it's the best of both worlds. I work fairly well with subtle background noise, and once in awhile I catch a few interesting things about an artist that I think is pretty cool ... as in, her promotion of stopping the Stupid Girl movement ... which reminds me that I want to read Female Chauvinist Pigs by: Ariel Levy. I started it one time, but had to return the book.

I have a bunch of music on hold at the Saskatoon library, but I must be at the end of a long waiting line ... I've been waiting forever for some CDs. I have a couple of books on hold as well, including Neil Gaiman's Stardust; we'll see how long that one will take.

Anyway, I've got to wrap up summarizing a few cases, then I'm hitting bed, then up early, finishing my flowcharts (yeah, I know ... I've been threatened with a nickname with the word "flow" in it), printing everything off in colour-coded goodness, off to school (maybe the gym, depending what time I get off), and then I've got to rush about to get a few things done and hit the airport to FLY HOME! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!
Did I Mention My Gratitude?

I am thankful for the opportunity to be in Saskatoon to study law, I'm grateful that I'm healthy, and that I have a family that loves me and misses me.

I'm reminding myself, because the final hours before the trek home are becoming unbearable. It's been the longest stretch that I've ever gone without seeing my husband (since we met, actually), and while I know that it isn't as long as some people have to go, it's long for us.

So ... while I'm in the throes of misery, at being here without Jason, and at having one more test before I'm allowed to take flight, I'm recounting why I'm a lucky girl. I'm so lucky that I get to go to the U of S, I really do like it there, the faculty are great, the school has a good vibe, and I've had the opportunity to be involved in some interesting things. I'm lucky that I live in a nice townhome with roomates that are nice to me, and take care of me. I'm lucky that I get to go home tomorrow (and that it's a home that I covet and crave), and that I get to fly instead of having to drive. I'm thankful that, after getting into law school, I actually like it, and am starting to see where I want my life's work to take me. This is a big plus ... something that I've been missing for most of my twenties. I'm SOOO lucky that my husband is supportive, and that he tells me that he misses me.


It's starting to help.

A little.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Property was Easier Than I Expected

But ... that's not to say that I fared any better in the marks department than any other test ... just wasn't as abstract as I imagined that it would be.

1 More Test.

Then. Home. For. Christmas.

I miss home.
I'm Kind of Jealous of Saskatoon

Almost. I just checked out their forecast, and it's going to be beautiful here (read: warm), over Christmas. They'll have the best of both worlds here ... gorgeous mounds of snow covering everything with sparkling winder goodness, and the roads should be nice and clear for driving, and it'll be temperate enough to walk around and enjoy the Christmas ambiance in the neighbourhood. Awww ...
Property Exam Day

I have four huge flowcharts already, and I'm doing one more before I leave the house this morning. That equates to craziness in my books. Once I got going, the studying wasn't too bad. It's -20 here this AM, but it's supposed to get up to -8 (yay), so I'm going to try and hold off with the leaving the house thing ... see if I get lucky (worked last time).

After today, there's only one more exam holding me back from Christmas at home. Yup ... that's exactly how I feel about my Criminal exam, and it's hard not to be bitter. It's a roadblock to my happiness (slightly melodramatic, I know).

I just wanted to mention what a Godsend the book "Understanding Property: A Guide to Canada's Property Law" by: Marjorie L. Benson & Marie-Ann Bowden is (Bowden is a prof of mine). This thing has seriously gotten me through property so far, and will probably continue to do so after the break. It's seriously expensive, though. Get a used copy if you can.

And ... personal property connections, here I come!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

For Anyone Else Studying Property Right Now:

I found this flowchart on a UVIC website ... it's basic, but I liked it:

Finders Flowchart
I May Need Some Help

After getting back my memo, and having completed the 100% Constitutional Final, I'm having problems trying to motivate myself for the last two midterms that I write (worth 20%). Property and Criminal. SOOOOO HARD! Seriously, it is so hard to motivate now! I need some inspiration or something. I'm trying to fight falling into the Christmas flow, so far ... I'm hanging on by my fingertips.

Yesterday I finished up a few crafty-type Christmas gifts ... which was super satisfying. I was feeling like I wasn't going to get one gift done, and now I know that I will (still a few finishing touches necessary, shouldn't take too long).

I keep thinking about my Mom's baking, and all I want to do is bake some gingerbread cookies (for two reasons, 1) to smell up this place like Christmas, and 2) because one of my roomies said she hates gingerbread, and I see it as a challenge to bake her the softest, yummiest gingerbread she's ever had).

But alas, I know that I should study.

I've started studying for property a few times already, but everytime that I sit down infront of the material, a starting place eludes me. I think it's because I know that we don't have to refer to the cases in the exam ... it's all rule driven, and our Prof doesn't care about referencing the rule back to the case (therefore, I'm not going to). I think not starting at the cases is what's screwing me up, since that's where I started every other time.

Well, maybe I'll just hammer through the syllabus and see where that gets me.

At least for Criminal, I can revert back to the tactic of starting at the cases.

AND ... here's me starting to study Property ... AGAIN!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I picked up my memo.

AND ... it was a good thing that I did. I did pretty well, so now I'm pumped about law. I can't wait to study and write two more midterms (heh heh). I've gotten the little push of confidence/encouragement that I need. I don't feel like a fail-out is inevitable anymore. Could still happen, but it isn't a foregone conclusion (yay).

PS. It's friggin' raining here in SK. CRAZY! Thank goodness I'm not out on the roads!
I Just Found the Funniest Thing EVER

I was going through my Sis-in-Law's Flickr pictures when I saw one that she had done of her baby Eric ... it is freakin' hilarious through this site:


SO ... I of course had to do one for my sister Julie:
Those are just screen shots ... click here for the full dance (have your volume one to fully appreciate), or make your own and e-mail it out ... it's freakin' hilarious!!!!
Well, The Biggest Test is Done, Bring on the Next!

Wednesday, I wrote my Constitutional Law final exam, which was worth 100%. It was 3 hours, and it flew by. I did take more time, though, to plan out each answer, than I did on my Contracts mid-term (which was an hour and a half). I think this really helped. I actually wrote an outline for each answer before I started writing.

I did the essay question first, since I figured that this question would be the easiest one for me to keep going on and on in, when it was worth the least amount of marks. I'm glad I got it out of the way first.

Next, I did the question worth the most amount of marks. There was a lot to it, it was a validity question ... there are a lot of characterizations to apply, and a few doctrines to go through. My friggin' hand sure hurt after that one. I tried to ID all the issues, and discuss them thoroughly, and I did try to spice in a few insights/policy type things ... we'll see if I hit it all.

Lastly, I did the difficult but short question, which was worth medium marks (I know, I'm feeling so verbal this morning). It didn't seem that short to me, it was a Paramountcy question, and kind of messed me up. Again, we'll see about that one.

Today at 3:30, we're supposed to be able to pick up our open memos. I'm kind of dreading getting it back. I worked so hard on it, and tried to go with much of the feedback that I got. If I didn't improve my mark from the closed memo, I'm going to be frustrated. Sigh. Double. Sigh.

But then, getting my memo back would require me to go outside today, something I'm not to keen on, especially when it as soooooo nice yesterday. Today it's blustery and cold. I know, I'm not going to complain since I've been lucky to have all the nice weather here lately, but it makes me want to stay in bed (where I am right now actually, heh heh heh).

Here's a screenshot from the U of S webcam (http://webcam.usask.ca/):

Yup. Looks cold, and kinda dreary. Oh well, I only have to leave the house between 2:30 and 3:30, hopefully it brightens up a bit by then.

Yesterday, I took the day off from exams and got a bunch of things done to gear up for the trip home. Did a bit of Christmas shopping, hit the Midtown Plaza, which has underground parking (divine). I wrapped some prezzies, packaged them up in a big bag, and started packing for my trip home. I have a lot of books that I'm bringing home, to go through for my Pro Bono project, so I have to make sure that they fit. I opted not to check any luggage on my way home, so it might be tricky.

I also did all my laundry, washed and changed all my bedding, vacuumed my room, and otherwise straightened up. It was great. Oh - and I watched Battlestar Gallactica. Made me pretty happy.

I feel ready to take on studying for my Property mid-term now, which is the task of the day that I better get rocking on.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Constitutional Final Tomorrow

And ... I'm already packing 'er in. Yup ... that's right. It's about 7PM here, and I'm going to bed. I haven't been sleeping great the last few nights, and my stomach was giving me problems today (physical manifestations of exam stress and anxiety, I'm sure), so I'm giving myself a head start and hopefully I'll get enough zzzz's before the biggest exam I write this month.

I casually went through all of my notes today, and finished the final touches on my flowcharts, printed everything out that I want to take into the exam with me (they are open book), and I'm feeling pretty good (perhaps in a naive way, but nevertheless). I looked at a few practice exams, and as I was reading them, I was picking out issues and picturing which cases they went with already ... so tomorrow I'm going to sit down and write out responses to them, just to get into the exam frame of mind (exam isn't until 2PM).

I miss my Husband ... today is his Birthday and it sucks not being able to be there with him. BUT ... I will be home one week from tomorrow. Colour me excited.

I just read on the U of S e-noticeboard that we get our open memos back on Friday. I don't know if I want mine back (well ... obviously I do). But I seriously have NO idea how I did on it. I tried pretty hard, but seriously, after spending a certain amount of time on 12 pages of double spaced typing, I just couldn't really read it anymore. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, we'll see on Friday ... although, I can't see myself making a special trip to school just to pick up the memo. Probably, I'll get it on Monday then. Well ... maybe it isn't a great idea to pick it up RIGHT before my property exam .... just in case .... maybe I'll make a special trip on Friday (could always hit the gym too).

It was so warm here today, I had to zip out quickly to return some library books, and I didn't even take a coat - I KNOW! In Saskatchewan in December!

I can't wait to go home for Christmas, but I'm trying to compartmentalize my excitement so that I can try and focus on my friggin' exams.

I'm going to have to think about Christmas shopping, too. It'll be fun to buy something other than groceries and printer cartridges for once. These last few months have flown by, and I've forgotten that all I've been doing is school, visiting with Jason when I can, gym, yoga, and sleep. That's it. (except for the 3 times I went drinking ... that was pretty fun). Oh - and reading. I've read a few books, I always read right before bed, and I've definitely read some beaut's this semester. Next semester may be too busy. I'm going to have to remember to bring my suit back with me, for our moots (FUUUN!).

Anyway, I'm going to try and calm my anxiety ridden body into a semblance of peace and order (heh heh heh, but not good government ... POGG joke for those that have ever looked at constitutional law, and YES, I'm embarrassed that I just made that joke, leave me alone).

Good night!

How I wish I could be in Calgary with you!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Contracts - Done

The mid-term, that is.

I've experienced my first law school exam, and what an experience it was. It felt like it was 10 minutes, not an hour and a half. I wrote, and wrote and wrote and wrote, and I don't even remember 100% what I put down. I'm just hoping it was coherent.

Next focus - constitutional final (worth 100% of my grade). Scary thought. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll feel pretty good about where I'm sitting.

But - my brain is tired. Will write more tomorrow.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


That's almost 10 hours at school so far. In about an hour I'm meeting a classmate to go over some Contracts problems, and then I'm hitting the gym, then home.

Weird that I'm not hungry quite yet. Not sure what to think about that one. Maybe it will hit me when I leave this place, only to return again tomorrow morning. I did eat a taco bagel (Treats here on campus was the only food place open when I went to grab lunch, and they have pizza or taco bagels, basically meat and cheese toasted on an open bagel half ... mmmm), and I've been munching on veggies and Diet Coke for the afternoon. Not really that much in Lisa-land, but I'm sure I'll be ravenous after the gym.

I got my flowcharts done for Contracts, and I'm feeling pretty good about them. I started cross-checking my case spreadsheet with the CANS from the LSA, and found some mistakes in the CANS. This reiterates that while CANS are a useful tool, DON'T RELY ON THEM! One of the cases was even listed as having the opposite result. YIKES.

The most fun about exam time is getting together in groups of students trying to guess what your exam questions will be. I think this is a great exercise in knowing your stuff, and encourages you to think creatively when preparing (which is probably a good thing).
Been at School for Just Over 7 Hours Now ...

I was here too early for the law library to open, and I think there's exams in there anyway, so I grabbed a vacant classroom, and got to work. 5 others have drifted into this class, but it's a super quiet zone. I bought some carrots at lunch, and I'm too paranoid to start eating them for fear of hearing my crunching echo (or my TMJ cracking).

I've gotten through all of the Contracts cases and made them into a spreadsheet, I've made a flowchart for answering Offer and Acceptance problems, and now I'm tackling the Certainty of Terms flowchart. After I do that, I think I'll be sitting quite pretty (I hope, although not literally as I sit here with a yucky ponytail, my yoga pants, and the zip up pink striped sweater that my sisters continually threaten to burn).

I want to hit the gym before I head home. Healthy, healthy me. Actually, I consider myself to be creating a reserve for once the Christmas eating ensues. My roomate brought home some ginger snaps that a friend had made, and I had four of them before I moved them out of my reach. Oh Christmas ... how fun it is when your brain shuts down and has no qualms about allowing you to stuff your face.

Well, it's been a slice, a nice little break, but back to the books I head.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Must Have Overdone it Yesterday

I slept a lot today, but I'm studying now, and feeling pretty good about where I'm at.

I had a Wendy's salad for supper, which makes me proud of myself because I went to Wendy's and didn't get a burger and fries (which is SOOOO tempting). I'm continuing my healthy kick.

I'm almost done going through the cases for Constitutional with a fine tooth comb. I made a nice, concise little spreadsheet that I'll take into the exam with me. It organizes the cases as per the syllabus (i.e. the theory), and highlights the issues and the holdings of the court. I think this is a way better way of getting through a course than completing actual case briefs. I still read all of the cases, but if I did a whole brief, I'd never look at it again (and a load of case briefs are too cumbersome to be helpful in an exam).

My next plan is to make a spreadsheet of rules, and then to construct some flowcharts as to how I'd answer exam questions. A classmate found some flowcharts on the internet which are a truly great starting point (BEYOND a truly great starting point, upon initial inspection, they seem really good). She can't remember where she found them, but I got a copy.

Then, I want to do some practice questions.

Tomorrow, though, I'm going to devote to Contracts, which is the Monday mid-term (worth only 20% of my mark). I figure I'll devote all of Saturday to Contracts, back to Constitutional on Sunday, Monday morning Contracts (the exam is at 2, and is only until 3:30), and then Monday evening back to Constitutional. That means that I'll have all of Tuesday and Wed. morning to wrap up the Constitutional bag, which is good since that's the 100% final.

My next exam after that isn't until the next Monday (Property), and it's a 20% mid-term, just like my last exam for Criminal which is on Wednesday.

I figure that I'll use Thursday to get some Christmas shopping done, and rest my weary little brain (de-Constitutionalize, I guess), and then Friday get back into the study racket. I feel like I'll do Property on Friday and Saturday, Crim on Sunday, Monday morning - Property, take Monday evening off, Tuesday and Wed. morning - Crim. That should do it. Makes 2 1/2 days of studying for each of those, and they're only 20% mid-terms.


Back to the books (and by books, I mean sometimes refer to my notes and textbook, more often refer to online materials and soft copies of cases - funny).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Officially in Exam Mode

I left the house this AM at 6:30, went to school, was in the gym by 7:00, and in the law library by 9:00. I studied until 12:30, met some pals for a study session, hit our last class (Contracts, a review class), then went back to the library and studied again until 7:00PM, at which point I left and went to yoga.

The weather here is SOOOOO much nicer right now (feels like home), and on the way to my car after school, I even appreciated how gorgeous the snow is. It was sparkling in the streetlights, like glitter. I love it when it does that.

Yoga was awesome, I'm so glad that I went. But ... I didn't get home until almost 9:00 PM ... that's a freakin' long day.


Bed time.
In Honour of CariDee

... ANTM's winner last night, I thought I'd do a rundown of the last 6 ANTM winners, and where they are now (also, I'm in the law library studying, and I need a break from the books):

Cycle 1 Winner: Adrianne Curry
Still modeling (Feb 2006 did a Playboy shoot), the 25 year old co-hosted the TV gameshow Ballbreakers, appeared on The Surreal Life where she met her now Husband (50 year old) Christopher Knight.

Cycle 2 Winner: Yoanna House
Still modeling, Yoanna is also hosting the show The Look for Less on the Style Network.

Cycle 3 Winner: Eva Pigford
Eva has appeared in numerous TV shows, is still modeling (was even in a Jamie Foxx video), and is changing her last name to Marcille. She's also hosting BET's new show My Model Looks Better Than Your Model

Cycle 4 Winner: Naima Mora
Still modeling, Naima was a judge for the Miss Teen USA 2005 pageant.

Cycle 5 Winner: Nicole Linkletter
Still modeling, Nicole was a judge for the Miss USA 2006 pageant.

Cycle 6 Winner: Danielle Evans
Still modeling, under Dani Evans.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Finale of America's Next Top Model - Cycle 7 - is on tonight: will it be Melrose (boo), Cari Dee (yay), or Eugena (blah).

I am ever so excited.
I Actually Kind of Like ...

... the Constitutional class so far ... Division of Powers is pretty interesting. Starting the class out with the "Persons" cases is a good way to endear the subject to me, but on the whole, I've liked learning about how the Canadian government works. I suppose if you were a PoliSci undergrad, it could be a little boring ... lucky for me that I'm not (I guess).

I like how the vocabulary attached to the subject sounds in my head; pith and substance, interjurisdictional immunity, paramountcy, necessarily incidental, patriation, secession ... I love it all.

I also really like flowcharts. I'm making one right now for my Constitutional class, and it seems to really be making me get into the grit of the subject. It's so funny how you think you know something, or a lot of somethings, until you actually sit down and put it all together.

Both of my roomies went to school to study, so lucky me, I'm sitting at home in my sweats, taking up the entire kitchen in my Constitutional craze.

They're plowing the parking lot of the townhome complex, and I can't wait to go get my car that's parked on the street and slip it into the newly smooth parking stall.


Time for lunch.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Catch Up

Poker night on Saturday was great - it was a collision of worlds for me - the law school world with my personal world, and it seemed to work out just fine. We quit playing before there was a clear winner (although clear losers shall remain nameless - wink, wink).

Sunday my Husband and sister left, which left me feeling rather melancholy and blue. So, I took my car for a spin on the icy roads, got some gas (so that my tank was full with it being so cold and all), and hit McDonalds. Yeah, I know, but it really did make me feel better.

Monday I got up super early, drove to school (BLT - brave little toaster), hit the gym, hit my classes, and then hit yoga. My hips are screaming at me, since yoga was all hip work ... but oh how good it feels.

Today I hit the gym again this morning, hit all my classes, got my exam ID number (they give us randomly assigned three digit numbers that are used for our exam IDs, so that it's uber anonymous), did some research for my Pro Bono project, went to Louis' for a pint with some classmates, and hit all my classes.

When I got home tonight, I was exhausted, hence me writing this from a prone position in bed.

Since exam season is upon us, a lot of review is going on in our classes, which is excellent (and scary). Tomorrow we don't have classes, but I have a date with my Constitutional text, and my Contracts notes. I'm hoping to go pretty hard tomorrow, and get crazy amounts of studying done, just to set the tone for myself. I may try to squeeze in a yoga class, though, since I feel like I need to inflict pain on another part of my body so that I can forget about my hips.

Oh - and my sister brought a special present from my Mom --- LONG UNDERWEAR! I'm so excited about them, they fit like a dream - my legs will never be cold again (and they're pretty - go figure).

My roomies picked up a mini Christmas tree today, and seeing it made me realize how close Christmas is - so easy to forget when you're in law world.

Sigh. Makes one want to sing Christmas carols (if one could carry a tune).

So tired - I hear my bedfellow calling me (i.e. Battlestar Gallactica, if you didn't read the post bellow).

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It Just Got Colder Here

I thought that when the sun is up, the temp is supposed to rise. I feel cheated. The weather network now shows -30. I guess this settles it - I have to stop being so wimpy, and just get my #&$^ done without a care in the world for the weather.

Ah, the learning process.
I'm Bringing Out my Martha

Jason, with one of my sisters as an escort, is on his way out to Saskatoon. I'm so excited I could spit (and I probably have).

In honour of their blessed visit, I'm bringing out my inner Martha, and whipping up some short ribs in the slow-cooker. Mmmmmm ... short ribs. Hopefully they turn out OK. I think they should.

I've got some running around to do, and I'm going to try and push it off until it warms up even a few degrees, the weather network is reading -29 right now ... yikes. I started the prep for Constitutional exam studying ... this is the only exam this Dec. that isn't a 20% midterm, but a 100% final. I feel like it's going to take some serious studying to feel OK going into that one. Luckily, I did write the optional mid-term in that course, so at least I know that I can pass. There shouldn't be any nightmares about failing miserably.

I'm going to try and hit the mall today to get a jump on some Xmas shopping, and pick up some snacks for a POKER NIGHT tonight. I've already got the chip category covered, but I'm thinking of picking up a fruit platter or something, so that we can intersperse the fatty goodness with fiber and vitamins, and feel like it may have balanced out in the end somehow.

Brrrr ... OK, I'm going to get out of bed now. I feel like I should be hearing applause, since it's such a dramatic performance, and a feat that requires bravery.

Friday, December 01, 2006

My School is So Posh

A classmate of mine told me about this, and I absolutely had to find an image of it to post here (click on the images for their source):

Yeah, that's right. THE Victoria Beckham, wearing a University of Saskatchewan sweater. I can't even begin to bask in the glow of my six-degrees of separation feeling of closeness to her!
I Woke Up and Turned on the Radio

... and heard them talk about how slippery the freakin' roads are ... looks like I'm taking the bus today.

I've been thinking that while everything is fresh in my head, I should compile a list of things that I would have liked to have known my first month of law school. That's going to be the project for the next week, I'll publish it when I'm done.

I've got to start thinking about Xmas shopping. When, oh when will I get to it?

I went grocery shopping last night, and tried to stock up so that I wouldn't have to go again until in the New Year (since I'll be gone from Dec 20 - Jan 3, back home for Christmas). I bought so many yummy things ... mmmm ... yogurt raisins. I wonder if I'll make it last?