Thursday, May 17, 2007


One call I got at work today was about how to share custom e-mail groups with another person in Outlook.

Hilarious that it took me so long to answer. Needless to say, the user had a different version of Outlook than I did, and it was about a billion times easier to do on her workstation (basically, consisted of some copying and pasting).


Being on the hardware side of support (as opposed to the software side that my experience is in), I find I've finally wrapped my head around the fact that most calls can be fixed by (as my co-worker put it today) the three R's; reboot, re-install, re-image. I always think that the problem is going to be more complex than just a re-start ... and sometimes it is, but more often than not ... it isn't.

Just a lesson for everyone out there ... reboot your computer first ... you just may feel like a computer genius if that alone fixes your problem.

Dodgeball last night was pretty crazy. There were some dodgeballs flying at what seemed to be warp speeds, sometimes a little too close to my head for comfort. I'm feeling like dodgeball is great, but that one season will be enough for me. Don't need to add reconstructive nose surgery to my "to do" list this summer.

I'm feeling a little Martha-ish right now ... looks like some baking in my future ... possibly my immediate future!

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