Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wow, So I Know I Have a Lot of Catching Up to Do

So ... where to start.

Things I want to talk about:

1. Summarize various aspects of my first year of law school.
2. Outline my Oregon vacation.
3. Pat myself on the back for getting a SUMMER JOB today!!!

So ... we'll start with #3, since it's the easiest! I got a summer job today that I'll be starting next week. It's a summer student position in an Information Technology department with the Alberta Cancer Board ... kind of like my last job, but as a summer student I'll have less responsibility, and more grunt work (I'm assuming), and NO ON-CALL ... tra-la-la.

Now ... I think I'll discuss #2, since I think #1 will take more than one posting over the course of some time, as I ponder and deliberate about it all.

Oregon was great. We took our 1979 motorhome down there (drove almost 2000KM round trip). We went with my brother (and his bud), Jason's brother (and his wife and kids), and Jason's parents. There were two motorhomes, and a truck pulling a trailer with four quads and a dirtbike. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera ... there was some awesome quadding on the dunes of Oregon. We stayed in Reedsport (Jackie - as per Wikipedia: "It was named for a local settler, Alfred W. Reed, who founded the city in 1912."), which is hailed as "the gateway to the dunes". My SIL (a pro photographer) got some neat shots of the quadding, and my brother took some shots with a film camera, so when I get some permission/scan some shots, I'll try and post some of those pics here.

The vacation was driving for three days down there (stayed in Cranbrook @ Mt. Baker campground in town, was a great one-night stop, and just outside of the Dalles in a State Campground ... was great for a one-night stop too), ATV-ing like crazy for four days, and then driving three days back (stayed in Boardman @ the Driftwood RV Resort, and Cranbrook).

I got a little bit of shopping in, but not as much as my feet would have liked (I did get three pairs of shoes though, you'd think my feet would be happy with that, but they're never happy ... they always want more shoes).

On the trip, pretty much all of us (except for my brother and his friend) got sick. I'm still recovering, and may have to make a trip to the Doc since my throat and ears are STILL SORE.

All in all, it was a good time. I even jumped my quad, and I got a pink ATV helmet, pink gloves, and a pink flag for my quad that says "Girls Kick Ass". It was pretty awesome watching the "hard-core" guys ride my quad with that flag flapping in the wind.

I even read two books, which is always the sign of a good vacation.

Sigh. I'm too tired now to even get into #1. Must save that for tomorrow and the days following. You readers will have to be satisfied with this for now. It is the first day since I got sick that I actually feel human again. Hopefully, the mend trend continues, and tomorrow I can take on even more.

AND NOW ... dinner and ANTM. WOO HOO!

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Cappy said...

Congrats on the summer job!

*pats you on the back*