Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Was So Lucky This Morning

The rain held off long enough for me to walk from where I park to work. I was worried, because I couldn't find my umbrella this morning, and my new haircut isn't so good with the drowned rat look (not to mention how professional it looks to have mascara running down your face).

Anyhoo - I was grabbing a coffee at the hospital cafeteria this morning when I realized how much I miss our Tim Horton's runs at U of S. So good ... so cheap ... so nice in the morning/early afternoon/evening/whenever we needed a perk. Sigh.

I got a membership form for LEAF yesterday (Women's Legal Education and Action Fund), so I have to send that in so I can join up and hopefully get involved. There isn't a Calgary branch ... but maybe that's something I can help fix in the future.

It's so funny how sometimes I'm surprised by certain things about myself. For instance, last night I wasn't feeling great (awww ... I know ... I know, thanks for the sympathy), so I logged onto my computer and did some work on a website for a friend that's getting married next year. What surprised me was how much I loved it. I always forget that the reason I actually did do an undergrad in computer science was because I do like the creative side of programming (not that I was "programming" in Flash, but I was getting a little more advanced than I had been before ... I've been trying to expand my Flash knowledge). When I went to bed afterwards I got that same feeling that I used to get when I was working on an exciting assignment where my brain just kept going a million miles a minute.


Fun. I like dabbling in websites on a volunteer basis - since I feel like that way there isn't the same demand on me ... pressure ... stress ... I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF IT ... whew ... sorry ... flashback to school and Saskatoon ... I'm OK now.

AND ... the plan to wean myself from coffee isn't going as well as I had hoped. I was blaming school on the need for caffeine ... but it looks like I need it for work too. Humph.

I'm off to read more about Flash now ... I want to see if I can create some super funky menus where I move buttons around on mouse clicks. Hmmmm ....

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