Thursday, May 24, 2007


Check out the view from my window this morning:

Snow This Morning

No Deck Work Today

Looks a Little Bleak

Unbelievable. I woke up to snow. At least it isn't accumulating on the street, and it wasn't too snowy when I walked in to work, but it is so heavy that I guess there are split/fallen trees all over, and I made sure I didn't walk under any trees since they were dropping snow globs by the handful on unsuspecting heads. I covered my little flowerpots on the deck last night, and brought them in close to the house ... hopefully they'll be OK.

And ... as promised ... pics of this past weekends shed building extravaganza:


I told you ... it's a gorgeous, totally luxe shed. Awesome work boyz.

Last night Jason and I bought a new mattress. We went to Sleep Country, and the service was pretty good. It's a much softer mattress, so we'll have to make use of the 60-day guarantee if we just can't take it. I'm so excited ... we get it delivered this weekend. Goodbye old IKEA mattress that sags in the middle!!!

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