Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just found out that America's Next Top Model - Cycle 7 airs Wednesday Sept. 20th with a 2 hour special. WOO HOO.

Also - Battlestar Galactica Season 3 premieres October 6th.

Must mark both on calendars!
My Final Week as an Official Stay at Home Wife

Although, it feels like I'm never home!

I haven't written on here in a few days, since I've been out of town for a couple of them ... we went to Jason's home town for his Mom's B-day. It was great getting to see everyone, and spending some time with them before I jet off to Saskatoon.

Also, Jason got back from his week long fishing trip off the coast of BC (we invited friends over last night for our first taste from his fishing bounty ... poached up some halibut with white wine and lemon pepper ... mmmm).

I've been busy sewing (finally made that windowseat cover), cleaning, and packing for my big move. Kristin (sister) and I got to hit West Edmonton Mall (for the quickest shopping trip ever, since we ended up leaving Calgary way later than planned due to a tiny indisposition on my part. Okay, okay, I was a little hungover, but I blame it on Julie (my other sister), who made me go out with her and made me have a good time.

I've gotten my orientation package by e-mail, so I now know when all my classes are, who's teaching them, and what I'm supposed to do on my first day of school. Things are shaping up. Now all I have to do is WIN A PARKING PASS in the lottery. Ahhh ... send me your winning vibes!

So ... I just discovered one of the COOLEST THINGS EVER! I was typing in the URL for my blog, and since it usually comes up in the history partway through, I just hit down and enter. I must not have hit down, and only "lisa" was typed, and guess what came up? A FREAKIN' NASA PAGE about Laser Interferometer Space Antenna.

Yeah ... that's right ... my name is an ancronym for something SUPER COOL! People who know me would marvel at how appropriate this is, since before I switched my degree to Computer Science, I was an Astrophysics major.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A screen-shot (by commenter's request). Proof!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I was looking at our wedding website from last year, which I put a lot of work into. I decided to update it, and keep it running for awhile with more pictures and some news on what we've been up to. So ... for those of you who know it - check it out. For those of you who don't - you don't know me well enough, so don't even ask! LOL.
And ... the Organization Begins

I'm starting to try and organize all of the things that I want to take with me to Saskatoon, and pack etc. Still have a week and a half before I go, so I'm not too worried.

The chance to purchase a student parking pass at U of S is given to those students who win the online parking entry. The deadline to enter this lottery is August 31 ... and you had to have be registered in classes in order to enter. This was a problem, since for those of us entering law school as first years this fall, the College of Law did our registrations after the long weekend, leaving us out of luck for the parking lottery. I have to say, that I am impressed ... since hearing about this issue, the College of Law is scrambling to register us all before the deadline. Now, I just have to decide which parking lots I'll register for.

Also, I found out that I am to receive an orientation package in the mail sometime soon, outlining which section I'm in (and so, consequently, telling me which schedule I'll be adhering to). Still looking for that sucker in the mail.

I'm still hitting the gym hard with my Mom (heh heh, she's doing so well, even bumping up the weight she's lifting). We've been pretty good about going, and I'm starting to feel the results (I really don't care if they're just in my mind ... don't tell me if I don't look different ... but do tell me if I look skinnier - actually, just tell me that I look skinny all the time ... yup ... I like that). Looks like a couple of weeks in to the term, the option to lease a locker in the Phys. Ed building change rooms will come up - seems like a good idea, then I can continue with my gym streak (uh ... no ... I did not just say that I will be streaking, anywhere near the gym ... don't even try).

I'm starting to get super excited. I think taking a month off before school is really the perfect amount of time. My days are still full with things that I need to get done, and things that I want to get done ... but I really feel no pressure, as though I still have all the time in the world. It's GLORIOUS (picture me saying it Will Ferrell style).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

As Off Track as Possible ...

... but come September, I'll be straight to business. I promise. No more crazy ramblings about how AWESOME it is to be unemployed and otherwise unengaged. I'll be hitting the books hard, and have so much to write about law school, that everyone will finally understand how the title of my blog and the subject matter coincide.

I made bean soup tonight, from scratch, in my slow cooker. I'll have to remember to take my slow cooker to Saskatoon with me - I don't know if I could live without it.

I bought a skirt at Purr the other day, and I am so in love with it, I think I may have a problem. The picture here is the actual skirt - colour and everything - that I got; the Debutante Damsel. It's cute, but more importantly, oh so comfortable. It was on sale (WOO HOO), and the company that made it is called Sweet Soul. Their website was listed on the tag that came on the skirt, and because I love this skirt so much, I checked out the site.

Wow - I think I just found my new favourite line of clothing, this website has nothing but crazy awesome stuff. It's a Canadian company based out of Vancouver ... check out the site (you can even buy some stuff online).

Check out the Siren Hoody, and the Monroe Miss dress:

I love getting good deals on things, but I love even more the opportunity to support Canadian business! Yay Canada!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Flip This

I am addicted to the TLC show Property Ladder, where people show their entire experience when flipping a house - from the purchase to the renos to the listing. It's become a Saturday ritual. I'm sitting infront of the TV right now in the middle of back to back episodes, nurturing my sore, sore muscles.

Went for breakfast to the Galaxy diner this morning with some friends, shopped 17th Ave, and then hit my gym for a big party they were throwing with lots of prizes and free classes. Which class did I choose to sign up for? The class that both of my sisters signed up for - just to have some fun with them. Last night I knew that Kristin was bailing, since she had the opportunity to go white-water rafting with some friends, couldn't blame her for wanting to do that. As I pulled up to the gym, I tried phoning Julie, and couldn't get her on her cell. I walked into the gym, did some abs and arm weights, then self-consciously slithered into the group exercise room where an abundance of ladies were waiting for our free STRIPPERCISE class ... yup ... strippercise - without partner-in-crime-armour. I was scared.

Luckily, our instructor (who's name I didn't get, unfortunately) was beyond awesome. The class was fun, tongue-in-cheek, appropriate for all ages, and a great work-out (although not as high impact as something like step class, I was sweating after). There were some pilates type moves, some dance type moves, and a lot of jokes and laughing. I was thrilled with the class, and really glad that I went, even though I was ABANDONED - yeah, that's right - ABANDONED by my two sisters. I think a lot of it would depend on the instructor, but I'd love to see if there's something like this at the gyms in Saskatoon that are affiliated with my current gym (or the U of S). If not - maybe I'll get the Carmen Electra Stripercise DVD ... I've heard good things about it, even though I'm kind of skeptical. Hmmm ... that would require much more thought. Hopefully they'll have it at one of the gyms.

Tonight, we're going out for some pints to celebrate Kristin's coming B-Day, so hopefully she isn't too tired from her rafting adventures, especially since she'll have to withstand my berating.

I found out today where in Saskatoon I'll be living, which made me think about my relatives there ... they know who they are, and I hope they understand how the kids in our family are famous for mooching dinners from family members. Just a warning, in case any of them ever check in here! Thinking of them made me also think of my Cuz Mike in Ottawa, especially since I heard recently about Carleton University now taking a stand against the Maclean's Magazine rankings. This, of course, is old news to me, as a U of C alum ... they've been protesting this rating system forever. It was neat to see the spin on the CBC website though, through the Carleton point of view.

Here's a chart from the Maclean's Website:

Don't even think about looking at Saskatchewan! Remember - U of C and Carleton say that this is all bogus! So ... don't look! My eyes are closed, my fingers are in my ears ... "La la la la la la la la!".

Thursday, August 17, 2006


That's about how what I think about being off work. Over the last few days, while I would have been at work, I've had the opportunity to:

-Go for coffee with a friend
-Go for lunch with my sister
-Hit the gym with my Mom everyday
-Take all our bottles to the bottle depot
-Actually RETURN a Blockbuster movie the day after we rented it (this pretty much has NEVER happened before, so it's definitely worth a mention)
-Take clothes to the dry cleaner that have been sitting in a pile on my floor for OVER A YEAR
-Go for lunch with my Husband
-Shop for clothes --bought two pairs of $30 jeans from Jacob, a couple of shirts etc.
-Watch Dr. Phil and Ellen
-Do all the laundry in our house
-Make the bed every morning
-Wash my car


I've been on the go pretty much everyday so far, and am looking forward to slowing it down a little ... especially since I don't think I've been drinking enough water - I'm fighting a headache this evening. BUT ... ALAS ... the plans are only beginning. I have breakfast plans and a party at my gym on Saturday, a family brunch on Sunday, and my sister's b-day is on Tuesday.

Ah ... the life of a socialite is never dull!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Impressed ...

With Kellogg's All-Bran bars. I know what you're all thinking, and no, I'm not looking to introduce fibre for any particular reason, I'm merely continuing with my ongoing saga to find easy and healthy snacks that require no effort on my part.

I bought the Honey Nut Flavour, as they had 1 g less fat than the original flavour. Each bar is 130 calories, has 5 g fat, and 16% of your daily reccommended fibre intake. AND ... they really do taste good. I'm sold, and while I'm at school, these just may become a school bag staple. They could be a cookie replacement, in any case.

I just came back from hitting the gym with my Mom, and let me tell you - we rocked that place out. Made Mom do all the leg exercises with me ... he he ... and we did cardio and abs as well.

I started reading the book "Dropped Threads: What We Aren't Told" edited by Carol Shields. The Chapter's synopsis reads:

" This revealing collection of writings, edited by Carol Shields and Marjorie Anderson, examines eclectic and rarely discussed topics that pertain to women. In Dropped Threads various celebrities as well as unknown housewives and academics discuss the experiences that have amazed and disappointed them. Each piece contains a “shock of recognition” that will certainly engage the aging female reader. Essays by such literary luminaries as Margaret Atwood, June Callwood, Eleanor Wachtel, Sharon Butala and Marni Jackson are included in this unusual collection."

My Sister bought it, and lent it to me since she has a few books to get through before she gets to it. I have to admit, I wasn't sure how it was going to read, but I'm enthralled by it. It's awesome, and I can't wait to get through it.

I also found that there's a second edition:

Monday, August 14, 2006

One More Thing ...

I got a letter from U of S today saying that more acceptances have been recieved than they have room for, and so the option to defer entrance for a year is offered to all of us. Yikes. I wonder if anyone will take them up on this. Personally, I think it's kind of late to be putting that out there ... in order to quit a job and make arrangements to move out to Saskatoon (if you're a non-resident, such as moi) you'd need a little bit of notice ... I wonder if it would work out for anyone? Plus, you'd be a year behind in a four year plan.

I, as you can probably surmise, will not be accepting this offer to defer entrance, and can't help but wonder if I'll be sitting in the aisles of lecture halls if I'm late for class.

Who Knew?

I just found this link on Pink is the new Blog:

CNN - Pluto Story

It outlines the fact that a) There still isn't a conclusive definition for what celestial body qualifies as a planet, and b) Whether Pluto should be included in the definition.

What the HECK!?!?!

That's crazy. I feel as though my very foundation has been shaken. There may be more or less than 9 planets in our solar system? I know that there's always been the hint of Planet X out there ... but really.

Here's what dictionary.com says:

"A nonluminous celestial body larger than an asteroid or comet, illuminated by light from a star, such as the sun, around which it revolves. In the solar system there are nine known planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto."

Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

I've put so much stock into my pneumonic acronym, too ... I'll be mad if I have to make-up/learn another:

My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas
Unemployment Begins - Officially

Today is the first day that I officially feel as though I'm unemployed. With being on vacation last week, it didn't really key in, but now as I get up at 10:00 AM, and sit here in my PJ's typing while the Hubby is at work - I feel like some kind of Hollywood Heiress that doesn't need to work.

IN FACT - that is what I'm going to do with my three weeks at home. I'm going to rock out like Paris and Nicole, I'm going to do this thing with style.

First of all - I need some shades and a headband. I have the big shades already (I love my shades), but I need one of those headscarfs or whatever it is that Nicole and Paris sport all over the place.

I'll need to shop endlessly as well, and while I won't be hitting the high end boutiques of posh and darling designers, I'll still be scouring the malls to make the most of my B-Day clothes shopping money. All in all, I'll probably log as many shopping hours.

As for the posh designer drinks, I'll have to forgo those, as I'm trying to watch both my waistline, and my chequing account ...

In all seriousness, I do have a list of things that I need to get done before heading off to school.

1. Clean my house. It's been in disaster mode for quite awhile.
2. Buy fabric and sew a cover for the foam on the window seat that Jason built for me.
3. Work out like a crazy woman (I want to be in the gym habit when I hit school).
4. Make as much time as I can for family/friends.
5. Cook fabulous and healthy dinners every night, just for fun.
6. Play World of Warcraft whenever I can (since I'll be cutting myself off while I'm at school - it's far too addictive).

Sigh. I'm far too spoiled for words. I was used to working 50 hour weeks on average (sometimes more like 60+) ... this is going to be so nice.

My #1 goal for this time that I have off? RELAXING. I know that sounds silly, but I'm going to try and get to a place where I don't feel stress at any point throughout the day. It took about 5 days on vacation to feel somewhat relaxed ... I want to get all the way there. I want the tension gone from my muscles, the threat of migraines to vacate the premises, and the acne that's been flirting with my chin to take a hike.

I'll let you guys know how it goes.

OH - and I'm going to start taking vitamins regularly. That's supposed to help with stress and re-health-ifying yourself, n'est-pas?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vacation Day 8
The Trip Home and Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

It was another driving day, and on account of sleeping in we didn't hit Sandpoint and any of the Festival goings-on.

We hopped in the car, made a few stops, and jetted home.

The drive was nice, the weather cool enough to make it bearable, but a little too much traffic for Jason's liking (he was driving, and was getting a little TIGHT at not being able to pass everyone with ease).

We stopped at Longview for some Jerky, hit Chianti for some pasta to take home, and ate dinner with our feet up watching a movie. It was awesome. It's good to be home after all that driving.

Thanks to everyone that wished us a happy Anniversary! Exciting ... I can't believe that a year has passed already ... here's a pic in salute to one year ago:

When we were looking at a map yesterday, we realized how close we were to Mendocino on our trip this year ... maybe for our 5th we'll take another spin down there and partake in the awesome wine tours once again.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Vacation Day 7

Today was a driving day. Luckily, though, we got to check out the beach one last time while the tide was out.

Next, we drove from Lincoln City, Oregon, to Sandpoint Idaho. We kept to the Interstate the whole way, and it was fast, but boring compared to the windy, curvy roads we've had on our trip up to now.

When we hit Sandpoint and tried to find a hotel, we found out that there was next to no vacancy because of the Sandpoint Festival that's on right now. We ended up lucking out and hit the Super 8 about 30 seconds before 5 other people, and scored the last room that they had.

This is when we stepped into the twilight zone. The one room they had left was still dirty, so while they cleaned it, we hit Pizza Hut for dinner. This was a CRAZY experience. There were lots of families (obviously), but there was rock music playing really loud, and some crazy lady sitting behind us with her kid that was talking TOO LOUD about how she worked at Pizza Hut, and worked FAR TOO MUCH, but had actually gotten off work 3 hours prior - and she was STILL THERE! Jason and I didn't talk much, just watched the spectacle unfold around us. We couldn't wait to leave.

When we got to the Super 8 room, we found that the toilet in our room wasn't working. Jason walked around to the front desk to talk to them about it, while I waited in the door jamb of our room. I looked to the right, and at the outside door at the end of the hall, it appeared as though a headlight was coming towards me. As it got closer, I realized that it was a headlight, and stepped back into my room as a man drove his Honda Scooter down the hall, around the corner, and into his room. An extreme security measure, if you ask me.

We finally got our toilet fixed and now can go to sleep. Hopefully, we can check out that festival tomorrow.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation Day 6

Today we drove from Florence to Lincoln City. We slept in, grabbed breakfast to go, and made the scenic jaunt North. The 101 along the coast is a spectacular drive, and we watched the ocean all the way up.

When we got to Lincoln City, we checked it all out, and found one spot where you could actually drive your vehicle onto the beach. I must admit, I tried to convince Jason that the Coug couldn't make it (heh heh), but he apparently knew better (don't tell him). It was pretty neat. We also hit the Outlet Mall (heh heh) where I bought JEAN! I'll write about them later, but they fit and they were $16.99, so it is possible to find cheap jeans that fit and look good.

The Pacific was cold, but the sand felt heavenly on the feet. We chilaxed on the beach for as long as we could.

For dinner, we hit the restaraunt Pier 101, where we had clams, crab, halibut ... the meal was awesome.

After dinner, we watched the sunset from the Coug parked on the beach. It was spectacular.

We hit the Roadhouse 101, which was just across the street from our hotel, to grab a pint and check the local scene. Unfortunately, the local scene was not there. We were one of only a few people in the entire place, the bar tender ID'd us, so I had to go back to the hotel to get my Driver's License, and we sipped our beers while we were watching the vastness of the empty bar. The bar itself was kind of neat, it had money attached to the roof, not really sure what that was about. Maybe it's better on a Friday or Saturday.

All in all, Lincoln City was a more sedate area that what we're used to. It had lots of shops and miles of beach, but I could tell that Jason already missed the dunes.

Vacation Day 5

What a day! We started out late, after sleeping in, and hit Bliss' Hot Rod Grill, where you could actually sit in a booth built into a hot rod car (we didn't though, but, we did have chocolate milkshakes).
After breakfast, we took a drive through the South Jetty, and climbed up on a dune and caught a glimpse of the ocean. It was pretty neat.

We then toured about Old Town Florence, where we shopped a bit, ate a bit, and sat on a bench to take in the ocean view. Then, we hit the dunes. We rented quads and had the opportunity to take them to the famous Oregan sand dunes. The words aren't enough to explain how cool this was - so here's a few pics:

After the quadding, we drove to Eugene to hit Victoria's Secret and Target, which we did with a vengeance. I got the shoes that are on my list below (and they were on CRAZY sale), as well as two other pairs:

The Mossimo Piper Cork Wedge - Cognac:

Isaac Mizrahi Faux-Lizard Kitten Heels - Black (even though the pic is of brown):
And another pair - brown satin ballet flats with some gold beading - but can't find a pic of them on the web (Mossimo, I think).

And the following jacket (the Isaac Mizrahi Sahara Belted Jacket - Sand):
Target was pretty good, but I was sad that there weren't more Isaac or Paul & Joe articles in store - these two lines were super limited. Is it like that at most Target stores, or did I just pick one that was like that?

Anyhow, I'm super tired. Off to sleep for me!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Vacation Day 4

What an amazing day. We took off from Crescent, and headed directly for Crater Lake, a lake that was formed when a volcano collapsed upon itself. Upon entering the park, we got our first view:

We proceeded to complete the Watchman Trail, which was a hike that took us up to a Fire Watchtower, which afforded us an amazing view of Crater Lake - in the photo below our car is a dot right smack in the center:

After these spectacular views, and the climb down, we drove around the Rim Road, and hit the Crater Lake Lodge for breakfast. It was FABULOUS and not EXPENSIVE at all - a must do for anyone that is going to be in the area. I had french toast stuffed with hazlenut cream cheese, spread with berries and Jason had the Blue Special with potato hashbrowns to die for, eggs, bacon, the works. We were both super impressed. The table that we sat at was right next to open french doors that looked out onto the lake. We were bathed in the fresh air and the serene landscape. It was a thrill.

After breakfast (which was really almost lunch), we completed the Rim Road, and almost at the completion of the circle came to the Cleetwood Cove Trailhead, a trail that leads to where the boat tours are conducted and the only LEGAL way to reach the water of Crater Lake. We decided to do the hike, but not the boat tours. It was a long way down with numerous switchbacks, and Jason got to explore (hands-on) the pumice stone that seems only to exist on the Northern faces of Crater Lake. We didn't see ANY on the South side, but there was tons of it on the North. Unfortunately, I rolled my ankle AGAIN on the way down, and am now paying for it. Time for physio, maybe. CRIPES. Near the bottom, the famous blue colour of the water was even more apparent.

All in all, Crater lake was pretty amazing. We saw tons of people biking the Rim road, and wouldn't mind coming back to try it ourselves. Apparently, there are over 100 miles of hiking trails in the area.

Next, we jetted to Florence, where we'll stay the night, and tomorrow check out the Dunes recreation area (yup, huge sand dunes on the ocean that we can ATV through). Tonight we hit a local pub called the Beachcombers, had a couple of pints, and now ... we'll hit the sack (Jason's already sleeping beside me).

Good night!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Vacation Day 3

I have never sweat like I sweat today. Now, I'm sitting on a massive bed in a suite in the Woodsman, sipping a Kokanee, listening to pounding thunder and rain. It's already knocked the satellite once ... hopefully we'll have TV for the rest of the night though, since we're kicking back into chill mode!

We started this morning by sleeping in at the Baker City hotel, grabbing a leisurely breakfast, gassing up, and shipping out. We drove West across Oregon, stopping at the John Day Fossil Beds National Memorial (which, incidentally, has nothing to do with John Day - the area was named for him because it was in this region that he was robbed by Natives and left for dead ... a massive Fu&&-Up for which he will now forever be immortalized ... poor sucker), this area looks remarkably like Drumheller, seems that the fossils displayed here weren't as old as the ones that Drumheller is famous for.

After, we stopped for ice-cream in Mitchell (at the Needful things shop below), and we tried to check out the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, but our timing was off, so we'll try and hit it tomorrow. Keep in mind, that as we cover all of this rugged Oregon terrain, we're driving in temps that have reached 37 degrees Celsius, with NO A/C! My hair has a sexy windswept look to it permanently ... I suppose there are worse things to endure.

We ended up between some taxidermy and a gun store, in Crescent. The motel that we stayed at, the Woodsman, was awesome. Very clean, very orderly, and we obtained a suite for a super reasonable deal - jacuzzi and everything.

For dinner, we went to the Mohawk ... a restaraunt with a taxidermy and bottle collection. This experience was out of this world. The food was decent, but the ambience could never be duplicated. We ate among bears, fawns, pheasants, a two-headed cow, and multiple stuffed animals. It was an experience to be sure. Luckily, they don't perform the taxidermy on site ... then we definitely wouldn't have ordered the special!

We were greeted by another couple from Alberta (I think they'd seen our license plates) who were up to see crater lake (our plans for tomorrow) because the husband had promised the wife that he'd take her before their 50th wedding anniversary which was right around the corner. He loved it when we told him that we were celebrating our first anniversary on Saturday. Too cute!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vacation - Day 2

Well, my a$$ got no reprieve today. We started out from Cranbrook at 7:45 AM (after partaking in their hot breakfast, which wasn't too shabby at all - serve yourself pancakes, chunky hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and toast). We were through Sandpoint ID by 9:30, and lunched in Moscow at 11:00 AM.

We drove through Lewiston (which was across the river from Clarkston), and from there took a scenic (read WINDY) highway to the Hell's Canyon recreation area in Oregon. Jason was sadly disappointed at the Outlook that we drove to, since there was no raging inferno of chaos in the form of a wild and unruly river. It was rather serene to behold ... unfortunately.

We have ended up in Baker Oregon, where we dined at the Geiser Grand Hotel, and had a nice meal. Can't wait to get going tomorrow! Oh - and AMA comes in handy once again with a super-rate at the Super-8!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vacation - Day 1

We left Calgary today at about 4:30 or so (we stopped at AMA and got some tourbooks on our way out of the city - oh so handy - ha ha ha), and made our way to Cranbrook BC. We're staying the night in the Heritage Inn, which is not quite sketchy, but within a few years it will be. We do get a free hot breakfast tomorrow morning, though, so I'm pretty excited about that.

We went to Mr. Mike's Steakhouse for dinner, where we both partook in the 22 oz. Antler Ale. It's a West coast thing ... or at least, that's what's plastered all over the walls. Actually, it was a pretty laid back steakhouse, and modern and clean with pretty good food. Jason had sirloin steak, I had the chicken caesar. Yum.

Tomorrow we're going to try and book it early, and see how far we can get!

I can't wait to feel like I'm on vacation - probably tomorrow, although tomorrow will be a long car ride day ... sigh. My poor a$$!

My Fall Shopping List

1. Jeans (like crazy). I'm still working out which kind these will be.
2. Kimono Dress. I like this one from Target online (and only $29.99): Paul & Joe Kimono Dress - Ebony
3. One more dress (since "the dress" is supposedly the item of the season). I like this one that I saw at target online (and only $34.99): Isaac Mizrahi Garden Dress - Chocolate
4. One pair of absolutely frivolous shoes. I'm thinking something red, and something in a sling-back. Something like these Steve Maddens, but less expensivo:
These ones from Target don't look too bad, the Mossimo├é® Piper Cork Wedge- Cognac AND ... they're only $24.99.
5. A pair of Greta Suede Skimmers from Keds in Black Camo (I freakin' love these shoes):

6. Some billowy girly blouses, things that are layerable ... Forever 21 Style. I'll probably load up there.
7. 1 AWESOME wool turtleneck. I wore one out from J. Crew, and I need it's follow-up rendition. I want a wider neck, and a dark grey colour would be nice. Not form fitting, but flattering.
8. 2 pairs cas' pants that aren't jeans. Not sure on these ones yet.
9. 2 SUPER COMFY skirts ... I'm thinking jersey, flow-y, and long.
10. Some solid basic T's - Gap or American Apparel style.
11. One of those sweaters with a ridiculously low neck-line, so that it can be layered with pieces underneath.
12. As many camis with build-in bras as I can get my hands on.
13. Some more sweat pants that don't look like sweat-pants ... Lululemon knock-offs in all probability.

That's all I can think of right now.