Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Was UnPlugged AND Plugged-Up at the Same Time

Oregon was great. Forgot my camera, so pics aren't plentiful. There were no wi-fi internet connections where we were staying, so I had no internet, and most of the time I had no cell phone connection (plus my battery died, and I didn't bring my charger). I was totally unplugged from my techno-communication, and then I got sick (hence, the title).

I'll write more, as I get through unpacking both the motorhome and my hatchback (which is still waiting to be unpacked from Saskatoon).

But ... sigh, sigh, sigh. Back in Calgary. Got to spend some QT with the Husband, and we're slowly adjusting to being around each other again.

Still looking for a job, though.

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