Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Woke Up Coughing Last Night

So ... needless to say I'm not impressed with today. Hopefully the lungs won't quit on me at soccer tonight. To top it off, I decided that today is the day that I'm giving up coffee. Not necessarily for good, but for long enough that the dependency is gone. I do enjoy it, but I don't enjoy being it's slave.

Just checked U of C website, still no news with regards to the transfer.

In my quest for legal blogs/legal news sites that are going to be my frequent hits, I've come across these to try out:

e-legal, David Canton's Blog
Canadian Privacy Law Blog, David T.S. Fraser's Blog
The Estate House, Blog of The Estate House Law Firm in Edmonton
The Court, Osgoode Hall Law School Initiative to Debate/Discuss the SCC
Michael Geist, Canada's Research Chair of Internet and E-Commerce Law @ U of Ottawa
Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style (I think I'm in love with this site)
Rob Hyndman, Business and Technology Lawyer
Slaw, co-operative blog about Canadian legal research and IT (I think I love this one too)
U of T Faculty of Law Faculty Blog

Looks like a few that I already know I'll keep going back to, but I'll try the rest out and see if they're worthy a coveted spot on my sidebar. Also - I actually do visit my sidebar links at least once a week - it's true. I try to keep the updated, too.

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Erueti said...

Hey Lisa it's been nice catching up with your blog again! I'm so glad you've remained the militant blog trooper, props to you and yours!