Thursday, September 27, 2007

Professional Misconduct

It's a subject that I've been studying in my Health Law class, as it applies to Health Care Professionals.

In Law Times this article was posted:
Guelph lawyer disbarred by law society
Could lose Order of Canada

I only point this article out, because although I've come to see how serious the implications are of professional misconduct, I didn't realize you could lose your Order of Canada (which makes sense, of course, when you think about it).

I look forward (even more now) to next semester, as I'm enrolled in Professional Responsibility. Professional misconduct as it relates to lawyers will provide an interesting contrast to how it works for the doctors that I've been studying (the thought of which reminds me of a thread I read awhile back on

Here's the calendar description:
LAW 421.3 — 1/2(3L)
Professional Responsibility
Introduces students to i) the roles, responsibilities and authority of the legal profession and ii)the legal and ethical duties of lawyers in the practice of law. The regulation of various aspects of the profession - admission, regulation of the practice of law, lawyer discipline, etc. are critically examined. As well, students will learn the elements of a lawyer’s duties to client, the court and others, including himself or herself. This involves an understanding of the lawyer’s role in the adversary system, the nature of lawyer-client confidentiality, integrity and conflicts of interest in various roles performed by lawyers.

Just Cleaned Up My Sidebar A Little

All the links should be active. Some of the links haven't posted content in awhile, but I'm keeping them on because the content that is there is just so good.

I've put in a few new links, and taken out some of the old.

Leave a comment (this rule always goes) if you've got a great site/blog/link etc. that you'd like me to include somewhere.

Information For EVERYONE!

Yay! Access for us all:

The Star Phoenix: Public Wi-Fe service expands to campuses by: Jill Smith

Perhaps It's Best ...

... that I didn't get my transfer to U of C after all.

I was surfing through the Motion to Recess blog, and stumbled upon this article:
Maclean's Law School Rankings Cause a Buzz

According to Maclean's first ever law school rankings (and yeah, I'm still kinda mad at MacLean's too, but I really think that holding a grudge is unhealthy ... I'm trying to move on):

U of S Law school comes in at #10 (out of 16 common law schools).

U of C Law School comes in at #15 (out of 16 common law schools).

The controversy surrounding the university rankings that Maclean's puts out is well known, but it's an interesting look-see in any case.

I've Forgotten How Fun It Is ...

... to crunch your way through leaves on the ground on perfect fall days. I'm really missing my camera right now (still in Calgary), since early mornings on campus are just ethereal. No joke. I truly feel so much gratitude that I get to be here doing what I'm doing. Ask me how I feel about Saskatoon when it's -40 degrees out ... then we'll talk again. But right now ... it's heavenly.


Well, I've been a jerk about keeping up with people lately, but I'm serious, I'm on the active side of managing chaos still.

I've recently added a new role to my repertoire: I'm the new Web Administrator for the U of S's Law Students Association website:

The LSA wants this site to be a real portal for current students and prospective students alike. There's some updating, etc. that needs to be done, and general maintenance type stuff. Should be fun. I'm excited especially about setting up some foundations for the coming years.

School is, as per usual, running away at the speed of a crazy train. Luckily, I'm still hanging on ... but one hand is slipping.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the Saskatchewan Business Corporations Act right now. I feel like I'm almost there, and I can see how having a Commerce background may give you half a leg up in the BusOrg class that I'm taking. But ... I'm so close. Soon.

Also, I'm trying to sort out all my affairs regarding applying for the summer jobs that hold OCI's (On Campus Interviews). These applications are due on Monday. My transcripts are ordered, my resume is done, and I'm about half way through all of my cover letters. This weekend I'll have to wrap all of those up.

I'm starting to get excited for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, I went to the gym today (yup, I appreciate your applause). Hopefully I can at least create a buffer before I partake in any turkey or gravy.

One thing that was kind of cool was that the cardio was REALLY easy for me. Last year I was panting my way through the level that I started at today. I guess that, even though I don't feel that my paunch shrinkage was remarkable in any way, all the crazy running and sports that I participated in over the summer really did do something for me. Yay! Guess I'll have to focus on cutting out the junk. What sucks is that there really isn't that much junk to speak of, mostly weekly pizza rituals. Sigh. I've gotta give up the pizza demon.

The house is doing well so far, I still feel incredibly disorganized, but we're getting there. It feels comfortable, and even kind of homey. So ... I definitely don't regret the decision to buy this one at all.

Well ... I really have to go and hit the books. I'll come up with something a little more exciting for next time (read dramatic, I've been feeling a lack of drama in my life lately).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Cost of it is Gettin' Me Down


Yikes, hey?

I seem to have some kind of energy field about my person that interferes with the operation of any inkjet printer that enters it. I've gone through a few of them, and I refuse to invest in another.

So ... I've been printing things at school, but at $0.10 a page, it's adding up.

While I can appreciate that profs are putting materials online for students to access, so that we don't necessarily have to pay crazy money for textbooks that aren't always relevant, because of my personal preferences, I pay tons to print it all anyway. What can I say? I learn better when I highlight. I'm visual, and I remember what I colourize.

What I need is a laser printer. Time to do some consumer research.

I've spent the better part of the afternoon working online to have some stuff printed and bound at Staples.

I'm putting in some tabs to make it easier for me when it comes time to study for exams, but it is tedious work right now.


Paying for printing sucks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

OMG - What a Friggin' Week

So ... we finally got the keys to our house on Friday, and have been moving in/unpacking ever since.

Chaos has left, and in her place a subtle disorder has taken residence, but I'll take subtle disorder over chaos any day.

The entire last week has been such a gong show, I haven't recovered enough yet to write about it at all.

We don't have internet or a land line installed at home yet, so I've felt fairly cut off.

And now ... I need coffee. AND ... routine. I miss having routine in my life, it's SOOOO comforting and efficient.

Cusp. I'm on the cusp.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Are You in 1L?

If so ... in the illustrious words of Graham Lang (at the Weakly Lawyer):

Hot Tips for First Year: How to Get Through First Year Law Without Being a Complete Annoyance.

I was privy to this info at the beginning of 1L, and let me tell you, Graham speaketh the truth.

Check out the rest of the Weakly Lawyer site, they've been posting new content.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

BUT ... Apparently Saskatoon's Growth is Tops

I had this article brought to my attention by a friend:

It is CBC, and I am still a little miffed with them due to the shenanigans that I wrote about in August, but it's an interesting article to post alongside the loss of affordability article!

Saskatoon Housing Affordability


Looks like housing affordability stats for this area have their most dramatic quarter ever.

Norm's Real Estate Blog: Worst quarterly deterioration of housing affordability on record for Saskatchewan: RBC

I'm so happy that I get to move on Sunday.


I finally feel some semblance of order among the chaos.

I'm mostly caught up with readings, and even a little ahead in some classes.

Most of the things that I've had to have sorted out have been sorted (administration wise).

Our move is on schedule for this weekend.

I caught some excellent zzzz's last night ... BUT ... my eye is still twitching. Aurgh.

I'm excited this year, because I'm going to try a few new things, one of which is volunteering for Campus Legal Services. There's some lunch available tomorrow for people that are interested in learning more about volunteering with this organization, as well as with Pro Bono, Classic, and Scales of Social Justice, here's the PAWS announcement about it:

ProBono Students, CLS, Classic, and Scales of Social Justice are having an information meeting for all interested first years on Friday September 14th from 11:30-12:30 in Commerce 46. Lunch will be served.

Please come out and learn how you can get involved in these organizations. If you have any questions, please email:

Also - just saw the new College of Law website, exciting. Looks a lot more modern.

As for me, I'm plugging along. It's been tough not having a phone at my disposal, but I'm making do, and it won't be long now.

It is so chilly here today that I can see my breath outside. Don't get me wrong, I love a real fall ... the kind of fall that inspires wool sweaters and hot chocolate, mittens and scarves, and running through leaves on the ground. BUT ... I wasn't expecting it quite yet. Ah well, I suppose we get what we get, so we may as well enjoy it.

As for my classes so far, here's the run-down:

Wills: Like the looks of this class. Seems like it'll be a Lisa kind of course, the Prof equated it to the logical games section of the LSAT, which was nothing but fun for me (yeah, I know).

Debtor-Creditor: Once I wrap my head around the unfamiliar lingo (this is where having an Econ or Commerce background would help), I think this won't be too bad. Looks like a lot of material to get through, but the Prof makes sense.

Evidence: Haven't had as many of these classes, Prof has had the flu. So far though, readings make sense, aren't too overwhelming. Should be good. Really seems to touch on EVERYTHING else that we learn, so that's neat.

Business Organizations: i.e. Corporate Law, this class has an OVERWHELMING amount of reading, which has been a struggle to keep up with already. It is super interesting though, and the Prof frames it in a really thought provoking way. Again (like Debtor-Creditor), I feel a little out of my element, and feel like I'm spending a lot of time with the dictionary, but I think it'll come with time. This is another course that I'm seeing reflected back in many of the other course's readings - especially Debtor-Creditor.

Health: Love it so far, interesting look at health care providers and how the law works to protect them, and to protect others. I like reading these cases because the context is so familiar to me.

All in all, all of the Professors really seem to be amazing authorities on their subjects. I'm really excited to get into it this semester, especially since I've already been piecing things together for myself, on an abstract level.

Anyhoo - off to do some reading ... yup, never ends, but I think I'm on track for a manageable semester. Hopefully.

Big Brother 8 tonight. SO EXCITING!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Know

I'm a jerk for not keeping up with this right now.

But ... the reading ... there's a lot of it.

And the chaos ... there's a lot of it too.

I'm sleeping on an air mattress in a friend's condo (she has been SOOO nice to let me crash with her).

My Husband is packing up the house in Calgary.

We move on Sunday.

Figuring out bus routes, getting everything at school done that I need done, paying fees, eating, sleeping, eye twitching, trying not to miss deadlines for signing up for extra-curriculars ... it's all taking a toll.

I'm going to try and not get sick.

Soon. Soon I'll be back into a lovely routine. Ah routine, how I miss you. Soon.

Also - I have no phone. I'm phoneless. It's weird. A little unsettling.


AND ... how AWESOME was Big Brother tonight? Hunh [elbow poke], hunh [elbow poke]? I LOVE IT.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorry I've Been Away So Long

But ... I've really been up to a lot.

Last weekend I tried to wrap up as many loose ends as I could.

We were treated to drinks with some friends on Friday night, which was both fun and sad, since I'm going to miss this couple.

On Saturday, I had breakfast with Jason, Mom, and Dad, and then I got to spent some QT with my Mom while she spoiled me by buying me some jeans for school (thank GOD, because without the jeans I bought, I don't know what I'd be wearing, seriously, the wardrobe was looking dire). Also, I've resolved myself to the fact that no jean will ever fit my butt perfectly (except for the Jacob wide-leg trouser style jeans that I got - OMG I love them, and the waist fits better than most, but the pockets do gape a little). So ... once my jeans stretch out a little more, off to the tailor I will go to make a little nip/tuck in the waist so that I won't lose my jeans when I bend over.

The guys at work this summer, much to their dismay, I'm sure, were treated to endless rants about the state of jeans in the world today, and how for a 28 year old married woman, it was hard to find something appropriate that didn't display one's "goods" for the entire world to see. I would tirelessly lament the passing of the old style Silver jeans, since these were the last jeans that I truly loved (of course, before my Jacob jeans existed). Well, I'm happy to report that Silver has brought back their Original Fit! I'm so excited. When I put on a pair last weekend, it felt like coming home. Seriously. I'm going to have to buy a couple more pairs before they take them away from me again. Might take me some time, since they've essentially doubled in price in the last 10 years. Yikes, non?

Saturday night we were treated to sushi by some more friends of ours. We went to sushi boat, which was SOOOO much fun.

BUT ... I have to run to the bookstore right now (I'm trying to beat the crowds, the typical first few weeks at school have me nauseated at the times I have to spend in lines).

Will finish post later.


I'm back.

Sunday we had brunch with some more friends, again, a sad parting. Sunday afternoon we shopped for appliances for the new house, and packed.

Monday we packed some more, and in the evening we had dinner with my family, which I don't even want to talk about, because it makes me sad even now to think about missing out on Sunday dinners with them for the next couple of years.

Tuesday was my official move to Saskatoon (and Jason's unofficial move with me to Saskatoon).

Wednesday was the first day of classes. I had four of them, which I'll describe in detail later. I also warily regarded many line-ups that I have NO desire to go anywhere near. Aurgh. Start of year line-ups suck. Hence my hasty depart this morning to hit the bookstore before the afternoon rushes (and hour long line-ups).

Today was a successfully quick trip to the bookstore, and my Health Law class, which promises to be everything that I wanted it to be.

Lunch time for Lisa now, though, so I'll check in a little later.