Monday, October 30, 2006

Let it Snow?

I had a wonderful weekend in Calgary. I flew in early Saturday morning, then went back to bed and napped until noon (oh the luxury). I got up, ran some errands with Jason, and then we cooked dinner for some friends of ours, heard some excellent news, and played my sister's backpacker card game from the UK (oh so very fun).

We went to bed late on Saturday, and when we woke up on Sunday, it was to a whole new winter wonderland of white fluffy stuff. It snowed like crazy, the snow plows were out in full force, and Jason and I didn't want to leave our cozy abode.

We did finally leave our lair, and had dinner at my parents place, where I got to see the family, and then I flew home early this morning. The plane landed at 9:45, and I was in class by 10:08. It was perfect.

Now, I'm debating whether I should do some reading for tomorrow, or have a catnap. Mmm ... catnap might win. Tough to say. I have one more class today at 3:30, and then some reading to do tonight (on account of doing no school at all this weekend).

Interesting notion ... I commented last week, to a group of people, that I would die without my siblings ... and another person in the group commented that that was wierd, since he would have stated that he would die for his brothers. "Without" vs. "for"; is it a boy/girl thing? A brother/sister thing? Or a selfish/sacrificial thing? What do you think?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Life is So Much Better with a Soundtrack

Don't you think? There's just something about marching to the beat of Radiohead that makes a long corridor at school seem like a runway (airport, or fashion ... either one).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm So Spoiled

Firstly, because I get to fly home this weekend instead of driving. Yup ... colour me a spoiled brat.

Secondly, because I got an e-mail from my friend Leah, from London. What a nice surprise in the inbox ... not in the least because I get to peruse through their new (I think new ... maybe newer?) website, which I've put on my sidebar under blogs.

Now I'm just studying away for my Constitutional mock midterm on Friday, and waiting in anticipation for America's Next Top Model to come on tonight. Who will be the next Lovely to leave? Oh ... the anticipation!
I Love Rice Pudding

I made some last night ... after my long, long day.

I was at school early to do my usual reading etc., hit all of my classes, and then did some running around after school. By the time I got home, it was about 7:00, and I was famished. The rice pudding was my treat for getting through a long day.

I wrote a piece for the student newspaper, the Caveat Lector. Their editor dude said that he liked it, and that I'd be invited to their next meeting. I'm excited.

I have to go now, and prepare for my tutorials, and get ready to do some serious studying tonight for my mock-midterm on Friday. I'm excited (really), since I bought some cue cards and fine-tip felts for the studying (yeah, I know, I'm an incredibly crazy nerd ... it's true, but I embrace it).

Monday, October 23, 2006

So, through some kind of bone-head move on my part, I wiped out a bunch of material from my sidebar (including my new books that I want to read/have read lists), and wiped out my footer completely. I'll slowly reconstruct it over the next few days, but it did give me the opportunity to switch counters. I decided to start over, and keep track of my site visits with, as I saw how Yorick was using it on his blog, and it all looked pretty snazzy.

I know that I could have just tracked down the code from my original counter, but I didn't want to. I hated it, wanted to start over, so don't even try to convince me.
Serendipity Shines on Me

One of my classmates, today, offered me a printer. He had bought a new one, which also has a scanner, and just GAVE me his old one. It's an HP Photosmart 1115. I downloaded the driver from the HP website, and it works like a dream. I'm so lucky, and so thankful. He didn't want any cash for it, so I'm going to have to think of a sneaky good deed to bestow upon him. A case of beer won't do it, he's a non-drinker. Hmmm ... perhaps some of my baking ... a few times throughout the year ... I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, I also installed the driver for my scanner ... and so my computer is almost entirely set-up. I want to back-it up to a CD, as well, but I'll have to buy some CDs first.

I joined the Canadian Bar Association today, as a student member. I've been thinking about it for awhile, and while I was cleaning out my shelves (so that I could fit my new printer in them), I found the sign-up form. It was easy to do online. I'm pretty excited about it, because I think we get some great resources for a crazy-cheap student membership rate. They have some events, as well, which look like they'd be interesting to attend.

We only had one class this morning, so I really have got a lot done (including making beef on a bun in my crockpot, which is smelling up my house with a heavenly aroma that's making my tummy grumble).

I've even worked on my Pro Bono stuff a bit, which is fun.

Now, I'm going to go get some studying done for the practice mid-term that we have in Constitutional law on Friday. It isn't worth any marks, but I want to prepare as if it were, just to get the most out of the experience as possible. Our Prof is going to mark it as if it were the final (which is in December and is worth 100%), so it should be enlightening.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Everything is Bleak, It's the Middle of the Night

I'm listening to Music @ Work by the Tragically Hip ... my title is a lyric (in case anyone is worried about whether everything is REALLY bleak etc.).

I finally put my i-pod software onto my laptop, and put some more music onto my i-pod (and took off the Amanda Marshall songs that have been driving me nuts). As I was updating my software, I started browsing through podcasts for the first time. I'd love to subscribe to a few, but how does one know if the podcast is worth listening to? I googled up a couple of podcast review sites, but they didn't seem to be that helpful to me.

I am still sick, but I think I'm on the upswing (although my cough doesn't sound like it). Jason visited this weekend, which was blissful. Due to my lack of energy, we mostly couched about. It was heavenly. We watched a crazy movie: "The Squid and The Whale", directed by Noah Baumbach (the same dude that authored "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", along with Wes Anderson who's work I LOVE).

The movie was kind of (good) weird, and now after having read a little bit about it, I think I understand it a little bit better. If you're interested, you can follow the link on the movie's title.

Tomorrow I only have one class, so I plan on doing a bunch of reading, and doing more research for my Pro Bono project.

Nothing else is too exciting, although I already moved one of the books from my "Want to Read" list to my "Just Read" list, which are new features on my sidebar, at the bottom. Yay me.

I'm starving right now, going to go get food.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Closed Memo has Been Handed In

Now that the memo is in, the sun seems to be shining brighter (which, if you check the weather, is literally true), the birds are singing (yeah, they might just be in my head, but blame it on my crazy), and I've seen people frolicking in the streets (pure fabrication, on my part).

I went to school early this AM, finished editing it up, then handed it in, an hour early. Wow.

A few things about my closed memo writing experience.

Citations are still a little fuzzy for me. Knowing how and when to cite appropriately is something that I'll still have to look into. Hopefully, I'll get some constructive feedback in this regard when I get my closed memo returned to me.

Writing the outline took longer than I thought it would. I usually tackle assignments, such as this, by drafting a concise and complete outline. My outlines organize the material that I'm going to discuss, and include all of the points and supporting arguments that I want to make. I fiddled with my outline for quite awhile to make the organization as effective and non-redundant as possible, and I kept thinking of new points to include from the cases. Next time, for the open memo, I'm going to try and get working on my outline as soon as possible.

I think I should have referenced more specific examples in my application of the law. I organized my memo by first outlining what the law said about my topic, and then applying the law to the problem that I was assigned. When I outlined the law, I made many references to what the cases said about the law. BUT ... when it came to applying the law to my problem, I think I should have used comparable examples to situational outcomes from the cases. I thought about this yesterday, but didn't really have enough time to effectively work that idea into my paper. Especially since I had a hard time in keeping my paper under 2000 words (I clocked in at 1996 when I handed it in).

I'm Worried that I Don't Know a Thing About Grammar. I think this point comes a little bit from the law student paranoia that I seem to have developed, but part of this point may be valid. It's been a long time since I've been assessed on my grammar skills - a LONG time. While I've always confidently helped friends and family with editing their papers, I find that now, even as I write my blog, I'm second guessing myself (which is especially weird in the blog writing, since I've made a conscious effort not to care about grammar in order for the DRAMA of my actual thinking to come through in the way that I actually think it).

Oh well. I'm satisfied that I did the best that I could in the time that I had to do it in. I just hope that I had the right idea about it all, as I chose not to look at any example memos. Since this assignment isn't worth SO much in the marks department, I wanted to see if my instinct on reasoning it all out was on the right track. If I find that it isn't ... then I'll go take a look at the sample memos and see where I went wrong.

Now, I'm going to focus some on my Pro Bono project, which should include doing some research and formulating another outline. AND ... I really need to get back into the gym swing of things. I realize, now, why I haven't had the energy to do it, and as long as I take care of myself over the next few days, I should be good to go with hitting it hard.

My philosophy on the sick thing is always that if your body tells you to slow down - listen to it. I don't believe in pumping myself full of cold medication so that I can go about my daily grind, since I think that leads to a longer illness, and possibly a worse one. I've seen more than one person push themselves too hard just to be able to go to work, and end up off a week with a sinus infection, or something else comparable. If they had just taken one or two days right at the beginning of their illness, and actually rested, and allowed their body to combat whatever it was fighting, then maybe they would have nipped it in the bud.

In any case, I rested a lot yesterday, and I'm already feeling better today (although, still not 100%). Since we basically don't have any more classes today, I'm going to try and rest up some more, take my vitamins, and maybe go for a walk later to get the blood pumping, and get me some orange juice (which is what I always crave when I'm sick).

I'd also really love to finish my scarf. Almost there! All ... most ... there ...!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sick ...

... as a dog. Feel sorry for me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

So - the Lecture was Pretty Neat

And ... what made it even neater was the presence of Allan Blakeney, former Premier of Saskatchewan, who delivered (in answer to a question from our Dean) his opinion on the intentions of the drafters of the Charter of Rights as pertaining to "Judicial Activism", which from the point of view of a Legislator; I'm sure you can imagine.

There were a few other dignitary-types there, as well, including Roy Romanow, another former Premier of Saskatchewan.

CTV was there - so maybe there will be something on the news about it tonight.

That's two things to watch for now ... news on the freakin' awful roads, and news on the Law Review Lecture. Now - how to get home? Take the bus, or attempt the awful roads?
Adrenaline Beats Caffeine Hands-Down

Although, today, I opted for both. At Starbucks, I asked if they'd add a shot of whiskey to my Pumpkin Spice Latte, which they didn't take very seriously. Little did they know, I wasn't kidding.

So ... Saskatoon and the snow. Interesting combination. It snowed lightly last night, but I guess that because of the specific temperatures, there was a crazy ice factor that happened. My car had about 3 cm. of snow on it to clear off, but it was the heavy snow that was iced to the car. My roomate Kathryn could barely get her driver's door open, and no other door for sure.

Once I got onto the road, things weren't bad in the residential areas, they were slippery, but moving quite well. As soon as I got onto Attridge (a main road in my books, it feeds into multiple neighbourhoods, and the speed limit is 70 km/h), I came to a standstill - for a reason. We were bumper to bumper traffic, and we were driving on a skating rink.

Now, I'm no stranger to winter driving. I did grow up in Calgary, and while tempered with the thaw of chinooks, winter driving and I have an intimate relationship. I hate it most of the time, but there's the resolve that comes with something that you know to be a permanent fixture in your life. I've seen slippery, but I've also come to depend upon the gravel and salt trucks that make sure that Calgarians don't lose their LIVES out there on the slippery, slippery roads.

On the main road that I referred to above, there was no gravel. That's right. NO GRAVEL at all. I was on that road from 8:00 - 9:30, which I consider to be rush hour. I've never seen an icy road like the one that I was on this morning. People were fishtailing like crazy, and braking was dicey at best. I kept a slow but steady pace (much to the chagrin of the black SUV that was RIGHT on my bumper most of the time). I was OK, but could do without the adrenaline that accompanies watching neighbouring drivers almost swerve into the lanes beside them (lanes filled with other cars).

It took me an hour and a half to drive a distance that normally takes me 15 minutes tops. Yup. Crazy. AND ... in that hour and a half that I SLOWLY and painfully progressed through some main thoroughfares, I didn't see ONE gravel truck or plow. I don't think plows could have done anything, but gravel trucks were beyond necessary.

When I got onto College Drive by the U of S, it was apparent that a gravel truck had been by, and it was smooth sailing ... driving like it was spring time in 1999.

I've heard various things about Saskatoon's infrastructure, most of them not very positive, which makes me want to contact the city and get a schedule of their gravel route, just so that I can plan accordingly and avoid the ridiculousness that I went through this morning. If I ever get one, I'll post it.

Sigh. Maybe I'll take the bus home - if they haven't gravelled I have no desire to go on those roads again. It is supposed to be 10 degrees on Wednesday, so it should all melt ... maybe that's why those cheap infrastructure buggers haven't hit the roads yet. Hmmm ... we'll see what they say about it on the news tonight.

I went to Costco yesterday, got lots of basics, and found for the first time the Kashi's TLC Chewy Granola Bars. I don't know if anyone will recall my previous post about Kashi, but I freakin' love the cereal and crackers that they make, and have been scouting out their granola bars. I've looked in Calgary Saskatoon at the grocery stores, and haven't found them. HOORAY for Costco, I got the peanut butter kind, and the Honey Almond Flax kind. I'll let everyone know what I think when I actually try one.

At 12:30 today (less than half an hour), I'm going to attend the 9th Annual Saskatchewan Law Review Lecture here in the U of S law library. The Hon. Chief Justice Bayda will be giving a talk on "Judicial Activism", and I'm super excited since this subject seems to be a theme that threads it's way into most of our classes.

The memo is coming along. I really don't feel panicked ... I think I'll finish writing it tonight, finish editing it tomorrow, and possibly hand it in tomorrow night so that I don't have nightmares about getting stuck in traffic and missing the 10:00 AM deadline on Wednesday morning.

Oh yeah - and I'm almost done the book Dating Amy: 50 True Confessions of a Serial Dater, by Amy DeZellar ... but I'm not going to finish it. I thought it would be a fun and spicy read, but (in my opinion) it falls a little short of the tone that it seems to be reaching for. I don't really feel like I'm missing out by not finishing it (which rarely happens with me and books), and I don't really feel any richer for having read the bit that I did. Kind of a disappointment.

I'm going to the library today, though. Hopefully for a couple more books that will actually be worth my time to read (is that too harsh?).

Any suggestions from all those out there in cyberland?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Plugging Away ...

... On both my closed memo, and a scarf that I'm knitting.

I feel like I've got some great progress on the memo ... and all while sitting comfortably in the kitchen on my laptop, leisurely attending to my beef/bean soup concoction in the slow cooker, and taking breaks to bake garlic biscuits to go with my soup.

I've hewn out a rough outline, which I'm now filling in with more detail, then filling in with more detail. I'm still at point-form, but soon ... soon ... I'll be at the stage where full (and hopefully, grammatically correct) sentences will start to show their ugly little faces.

I'm not too worried about this. Should I be? The ultimate paranoia of a law student, as described in Allan C. Hutchinson's book "The Law School Book: Succeeding at Law School" where it describes that feeling of "missing something". Very unproductive feeling - I'll have to stop that right now.

As for the scarf ... it's a mellow yellow kind of colour (even more subtle than a butter colour), and it's got some cables in it. It's probably about halfway done, and now it feels like it's taking forever. I should take a picture when it's done and post it.

I was recalling, last night, while watching Batman Begins (mmmm ... Christian Bale) and knitting, how my Granny (Dad's Mom) taught me to knit, and how it seemed SOOOOO much harder back then. There's certainly something to be said for the development of motor skills over time.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oh Yeah

AND ... I finished "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks. Not bad, not SUPER CRAZY GREAT, but I'm glad I read it, although I wouldn't read it again. Capeesh?
And Then the Stars Came Out to Play

So, there was a bit of drama at school today. When isn't there, I know you're asking. But ... this was real drama. With our big MEMO assignment (of which there is a frantic frenzy over ... but more about that later), it appears that some students got ahold of one that was placed on reserve that was actually an answer to our assignment. This was a perfectly innocent exercise, as we were told to take advantage of resources that the profs had placed on reserve. So ... once the profs found out about it, students were asked to talk to the profs in question if they had seen the GUILTY MEMO, as I call it, so that they could be assigned a new problem.

This really isn't a big deal, as our memo is really only worth minimal marks, and acts as a learning exercise for us to figure out the whole memo thing in general before we have to do our REAL memo, or OPEN memo.

The effect that all of this had on me was slight, as I hadn't seen the "guilty memo", but touched me with a whisper of disappointment. Not about anything that had actually happened, but at what could have happened. It was a breath away from an actual academic compromise, and that alone was enough to give me goosebumps of sadness over even the possibility of academic dishonesty.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Wake up and welcome to the real world, everyone cheats (even Ralph Klein ... cough, just kidding ... also - I'm not alleging that anyone cheated in this instance, it's just that it brought the CONCEPT to the forefront of my mind, of which I now comment). While I realize that there is a lot of "knowledge sharing" that goes on in academic institutions, and pretty much everywhere in general, it still makes me sad to think about.

I was feeling rather melancholy as I trudged home from school in the crisp autumn air. Feeling the need to hibernate, I took a nice long bath when I got home, and when 8:00 rolled around, I picked myself up and took myself to the Mystic Java coffee place (great atmosphere - good coffee - stellar prices) here in Saskatoon. I met my cousins Kaitlyn and Kali, and some of their friends, and one of my classmates, and watched Kaitlyn's friend from Outlook perform some cover songs, and some of her own songs.

Julie was the performer (I'll find out her last name), and she was just stellar. Her voice was ... I struggle to capture it ... uniquely haunting and resonating with beauty. Is that overly dramatic? I feel like drama is the theme for this post, why not run with it? Either way, I really enjoyed her performance. The girl oozes talent, and makes me feel small in comparison. I joked with her that I'd need her autograph (and a picture with her), so that when she's famous I can claim that she's my friend.

I'd love to see her perform again (or ... buy a CD of hers, or a T-shirt ... I do love T-shirts).

Oh - and my cousin Kali just got her tonsils out - what a trooper ... she was out supporting Julie with a freakin' tonsillectomy on her plate.

On related music news - did everyone hear that CBGB's last show at it's home on Bowery in NYC is on Sunday? How sad. Their lease wasn't renewed. If you aren't all UP on CBGB and what's going on, it's a rock club where many icons (the Ramones, Blondie) have all played/started out ... etc. There's an actual history listing on their website, which is worth checking out. Jason and I had the opportunity to go to CBGB and see a few bands while we were in New York (below are some of our pictures, and a scan of my wristband from that night).

There was a huge movement to "save CBGB", which I guess didn't come to the fruition they were looking for. I remember even seeing "SAVE CBGB" chocolates from the Chocolate Bar in NYC.CBGB will open again, but it will be somewhere else that doesn't echo the rich history that sticks to the floor of the current bar. How sad.

Anyway - back to my actual post.

I saw the crazy talent of this girl, and had some good conversation at the Mystic Java, and was surrounded with optimism, and hope. I didn't find it naive, or cheesy. Only uplifting.

When I got home, as I walked from my car up to the door of my house, I looked up, and saw hundreds of stars lighting up the sky. And just like that - I feel revitalization. The pessimism and frenzy that were dragging me down earlier were erased, and it was replaced with the humility and humble feeling of smallness and infinity at the same time that always comes to me when I look up at our universe.

Then I watched the Grudge with my roomates, in honour of Friday the 13th. Yikes.

As to the frenzy that I mentioned above ... my classmates are all freaking out about our first assignment. The tangible oppression that surrounds the frenzy almost gave me a headache today. I can't wait until the frenzy is over. The thing I hate most about the frenzy is that it makes me feel like I SHOULD be more excited about the whole ordeal, stay home all weekend, lock myself to my laptop and write like a madwoman - and then I remember that I'd rather hit coffee houses and have my soul restored.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I Spent Two Hours on the Phone Last Night

... with Sasktel over the continuing saga of internet/digital TV problems that we've been having.

Needless to say, I haven't had the internet, and I haven't been happy about it.

Looks like there is a KNOWN PROBLEM that they try to have their tech support fix by fudging the configuration. They're testing a patch right now to fix the problem. I can't believe that it has taken close to 20 phone calls and about 4 home visits (today will be #5) to fix this.


OR - we could switch to Shaw, which is booking into December for installation.


Class was good today, the memo fever is in full swing.

BUT - I'm going to take advantage of this library time and get some work done - hopefully when I get home there's actually an internet connections, and I can elaborate on some VERY interesting happenings here at the U of S Faculty of Law.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Know, It's Been Almost a Week

But ... what a week it's been.

On Thursday, I went to class, then drove back to Calgary for the long (LONG) weekend. I got to have dinner with Jason's Aunt & Uncle, have lunch with my sister, Mom, and Dad, go shopping with Mom, go for a beautiful drive through the surrounding Calgary area with Jason, have Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and of course, play some World of Warcraft. There was a Chernobyl incident, but really, when is there not?

I also got to see my in-laws, where we celebrated my BIL's 30th B-Day with an awesome scavenger hunt put together by my MIL. It was super fun, and had us driving all over town. I got another Thanksgiving dinner (I'm so spoiled), got to play with my cute nephews, and carve pumpkins, Jason got to fly a plane - a paper airplane that is (see the pic).

It was GLORIOUS (again, picture a Will Farrell "glorious").

I got back into town on Monday, was at school all day on Tuesday, and was lucky enough to illicit a personal invitation to my Auntie Dona/Cousin Brenda's place for dinner. I got to see my FAR TOO CUTE cousin Thomas, and see my fellow U of S academic cousin Kaitlyn (PS. Sorry if I spelled your name wrong).

It was a nice visit, and the food was spectacular. Auntie Dona can cook up some fierce ribs, I even had sweet'n'sour dreams about them afterwards. We had pumpkin pie that was made by my Cuz Susan, which had me wish that Thanksgiving was every weekend.

I found out about my cousin Mike getting to go to Japan for 6 weeks or so, and am oh-so jealous. What an incredible experience. A good friend of mine visited Japan earlier this year, and loved every minute of it. She got some incredible pictures from there, so Mike - remember to take your camera ... I'll hook you up with a flickr account (if you don't already have one).

School went fairly well today. We got our first assignment. The infamous closed memo. It's due a week from today, so I'm going to have to buckle down and get through the 80 pages (or so) of case reading that I have to do for it before I even begin. POOR ME (yeah right).

I don't think it will be too bad, as long as I stay on top of it all. Time management is the key - I think.

I also just finished reading "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks. Wasn't really what I was expecting, I haven't read a Nicholas Sparks book before (author of "the Notebook", " A Walk to Remember"), but it was good. I just started "The Wedding", which includes some of the characters from "The Notebook" which I haven't read, but the movie turns me into a weeper.

It's a good, short read ... but not your normal fluffy kind of book - hard to explain ... worth a read.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Gym Kicked my Butt This AM

But I am soo proud that I went. It is getting harder and harder to get out of bed, the further that I slip into this "student" lifestyle.

Law school so far is much easier than my work life was. Keep in mind, though, that I have barely any distractions here in Saskatoon (i.e. if I were at home in Calgary, would it be harder to get my work done with opportunities to do fun things with friends anytime that I want?). The schedule is forgiving, there is lots of time during the day to do work to keep up, and so far, we haven't had any assignments or tests.

The assignments are coming soon, we have our Closed memo coming out next week. This is where we are given a problem and specific cases, and we have a week to write up a memo on it. I know that my memo will be in Torts, which is nice, and we've done a few library tutorials to learn how to find cases, etc. Hopefully, it won't be too bad. There are a lot of resources about writing memos ... I think that the time management aspect of the assignment will be key here.

There's no on-call work with law school (which, I must admit, is a freakin' nightmare). There hasn't been crazy deadlines yet ... and most deadlines you pretty much know about as far in advance as you care to look them up (not like work, where things would get dropped on you and the expectation was that they'd be done in a week - regardless of your other duties).

Anyhow - the purpose of this rant is to convey how appreciative I am for where I'm at right now. I'm truly grateful that I get to be here, I'm loving the subject matter, I'm challenged intellectually, I'm stimulated culturally, and my stress levels are operating lower than they have in a long, LONG while. Sigh. Utter contentment (but ... keep reading in a couple weeks when my closed memo due date is looming - we'll see if I'm still smiling then).

Monday, October 02, 2006

Gobble, Gobble, Here I Come!

I am so excited. I just found out today that this Thursday, I have only one class (yup, it seems like we law students are barely in school). My class on Thursday ends at 11:30, so if I skip the formal, I could be home in Calgary by suppertime.

A dilemma, for a second or two, and then my decision is made. Calgary ... here I come. I am so excited.

As for missing the formal, I am disappointed, as it is supposed to be an absolute blast, and all about first years. It's a shame to miss out on, but I REALLY miss my family, and my home. I figure that it will be awhile before I get (essentially) a five day weekend, but there will be more social events to partake in.

It will be a super spesh (as my Dad would say, as in special) weekend as it's my parent's 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday October 8th (yikes), and my Brother-in-Law's b-day on Monday, the 9th. Lots to celebrate in addition to the Gobble Gobble.

Also - I got a Christmas present already for my little sister. She'll love it. I can barely keep it a secret. OR ... maybe it will be a b-day gift. Hard to tell. Here in Saskatoon it will wait until the day when she gets to open it. OH MAN is it ever the best. MOO HA HA HA HA (that's my evil laugh, in case anyone was wondering).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh How Hard it Is!

Jason came to Saskatoon this weekend, and we had tons of fun for the short amount of time that he was here.

We went to the Yard and Flagon pub on Broadway for wings and beer (pretty darn good wings, might I add), we had sushi at Sushiro (had good ambience for a sushi place, but apparently we're sushi snobs, and feel like we'll have to try another sushi place in Saskatoon before we dub it "the one"). We went to the new Galaxy movie theatres downtown, and saw the Jet Li movie Fearless. I usually love Jet Li movies - and this one fell short of the standard as I see it.

The movie theatre was packed in a way that I haven't seen in forever. When we got into the actual theatre, and saw how AWESOME the seats were, we kind of understood. This new theatre definitely has all the bells and whistles.

We also walked along the railway bridge, and up and down the river, enjoying the golden sun on what I HOPE isn't one of the last beautiful days of fall. That's a picture of Jason on the bridge, and a picture, from the bridge, of downtown Saskatoon. That's when that batteries in my camera died. Unfortunate, since it was absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Breathtaking. All that jazz.

I got a library card today, and got a few books out. I'm surprised at how easy it was, and FREE! HELLO! Free library cards, what a novel concept. I'm super impressed.

Now, I just have four days of school left before I get to go home again. I CAN'T wait.

My sisters should be moving today, into their new place. They'll be rooming with our cousin in Calgary. I'm so excited for them to have a girly pad to call their own.

In terms of law school, on Friday I went out to the LSA Softball tournament to support our team (each section and year has a team). I cheered them on while they rocked out on the ball field. Definitely a fun event, and something that I would recommend going to. There was a walking pub crawl afterwards, which I didn't partake in, but I can't wait to hear the stories tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my butt out of bed to hit the gym early.

OH - and I've decided that I LOVE the Three Days Grace song Animal I Have Become. LOVE IT! Love it to the point where it gets stuck in my head - without my having listened to it. That's true love, I think.