Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ah Breakfast ...

... my favourite meal of the day. I got to meet two friends for breakfast this morning, and catch up with them over eggs and toast. It was glorious, and my favourite way to start a weekend. Made me realize how much I missed everyone while I was gone. SNIFF!

Washed my car, since we're going to try and sell it ... AND ... our new mattress was delivered today (not a moment too soon ... woke up with a real crick in my neck). I can't wait to give it a whirl tonight.

Luckily it looks like my flowers made it through the snowy weather, and since it's so beautiful today it looks like Jason and I are going to forego the housework and go for a rollerblade by the river.


I'm so happy here at home.

If only the ever-present worry in my head about the transfer to U of C would go away. It's really the only cloud on my horizon. Well ... that and trying to adjust to being at home again ... I underestimated how hard it would be to re-integrate into a life that I've been away from for 8 months. BUT ... that cloud is really more of a wisp now ... I'm almost through that one.

I'm also looking for a good legal news site to check into once in awhile. I want something easily scan-able ... let me know if anyone has one that they like (oh - CANADIAN too).

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