Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still ...

... no update on the transfer. I know ... aren't you go crazy with anticipation, just like me? It's awful.

I've been feeling pretty yucky - Jason is super sick and I think my body is trying to fight it. Haven't done much the last two days. ALTHOUGH, I'm pretty excited about wearing the pants that my sister brought back from Thailand for me (I think they're called Fisherman's Pants). I feel so exotic in them. Very exciting. They look like this:

... but where these ones are grey, mine are purple, and where they're black, mine have a pretty purple patterned kind of fabric. You fold these pants and tie them, and they are super slick, comfy, and make you feel very skinny. Wearing them today made me think about a law classmate of mine who notoriously hates capri pants. Ahahahahaha. He'd hate these pants, even with the cool exotic flavour.
The hard part was finding shoes to go with. I feel naturally drawn to wearing them with flip-flops, but flip-flops unfortch aren't work appropriate. Went with some black slip-on kind of shoes ... but still seems off. Hmmm ... maybe the goal for the summer (in addition to all my other goals) can be to find the perfect Fisherman's pants shoes.
Work has been pretty busy today and yesterday, which is nice for me, but frustrating for all the people having computer problems.
I'm craving beach time in Penticton. Is that weird? Mmmm ... beach.


Cappy said...

How about an open toe stiletto? It balances the comfy factor of the Fisherman’s pants with the pain and suffering from the shoes.

Jimmy Mack said...

Or, barefoot. You can never, ever, beat barefoot.