Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

So ... in short,

  • Saw The Dark Knight, loved it, but probably should have waited a week as I scored a seat only 3 rows away from the screen - GAH! Still pretty busy. BUT ... there's a reason ... it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. As Lainey would say, Maggie > Katie any day.
  • Saw Step Brothers, loved it too. So funny.
  • Turned 29. Sigh. The last year of my twenties.
  • Got to have lunch with friends of mine that are back from being away sailing for almost 8 months.
  • Got to have dinner with friends that haven't been able to see in a long while.
  • Got a new camera (looked at the Clay suggested camera, but opted for a cheaper Kodak one ... very similar to my old one so the learning curve for using it is almost non-existent).
  • Bought a dishwasher - hallelujah - so exciting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Hate Junk Mail

In Calgary, we didn't get very much, but I had a slightly aggressive anti-junk-mail sign on our mailbox. Our mailbox there was much more sheltered than the one here, though, and the sign survived winters like a dream ... so I haven't done the same in Saskatoon ... and the junk mail is staggering.

The worst offenders, which actually have nothing to do with lack of an aggressive anti-JM sign, are the "pre-approved" credit card applications that banks seem to LOVE to send to people. I CAN'T BELIEVE how many of these suckers I get. It's ridiculous, and I don't really know how to stop it (project this week is to figure out HOW TO STOP IT).

As I was deliberating what to do with them, I considered how much of my information is on there. Yikes, non? It lead to the verdict to shred, then recycle in batches.

I haven't been keeping up on the privacy law news as much as I was last summer, but I was able to catch this posting over at Law Times:
Fight over YouTube viewer records highlights privacy issues

Makes you really wonder about how much information there is "out there" about YOU.

I really wonder why many companies don't store their data in unidentifiable forms (obviously, not still talking about the bank specific junk-mail)... especially if it's just for statistics, etc.

I guess ... it's harder to send you junk mail if they do.

Monday, July 21, 2008

An Interesting Read?

I was surfing through, and came across a post that linked to this article:

Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy
from the Journal of Legal Education, by Duncan Kennedy, a Harvard Law Prof.

I haven't read it yet, but I did a bit of perusing, and it looks to be an interesting read. I can't wait until I have the time (and the desire to sit and stare at my computer screen for that long) to read all 25 pages.

Can't Wait to See the Dark Knight

Yes, yes, yes ... I STILL haven't gone yet. I can't stand trying to navigate the crowds that dominate the one big movie theatre here in Saskatoon, and so I must wait for the hype to die down a bit. It's OK ... I feel it will be worth it.

In the meantime, in surfing, I found this hilarious post from Overlawyered:

"Batman Begins": Bruce Wayne, Defendant

U of A Follow-Up ...

... to the slippery slope blog post I cited below:
License to Parent
(and welcome home to you, Rob, and Edie)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Miss It

I've gone off coffee for the summer. I've never really been crazy about the idea of NEEDING something like coffee, even though I do enjoy it so much. I usually am only a cup-a-day kind of girl, and during the school year I love having coffee in the morning ... especially here in the cold, cold winters. But ... I decided that I would be OFF coffee this summer. Start fresh in the fall if I feel the need.

Looks like it may just be worth it all in the end:
The final verdict on coffee

Are You a Crackberry Addict?

I don't think I'll ever be in danger of being one ... people complain that they can barely get a hold of me at home or on my cell phone ... ahahahaha.

BUT ... if you need "professional help to disconnect from work" you're in luck:
Rehab resorts for Crackberry addicts

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Move

I read today over at the Saskatoon Real Estate Resource Centre Blog
that the Government of Canada is stepping in to see and end to 40 year mortgages and 0% down mortgages.

Fantastic move if you ask me ... while I understand that some people argue for the other side, in my mind it merely widens the gap between the rich and the poor; it isn't fair that people who can't afford a down payment (or a shorter mortgage period) are paying so much more for their homes in interest over the years.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm So Proud Of Us ...

... and by "us", I mean mostly Jason ... ha. We finished tiling our tub surround (almost, apparently it's tough to find tile edging that matches in Saskatoon ... we've exhausted the multiple big box stores supplies, and now we're waiting for a small family run tile shop to re-open from summer vacation to check their supply).

It looks so great, I can't wait to grout it tomorrow (and I really can't wait to have a shower in my own house again).

I got to navigate my way around the tile saw, which is always an adventure. The water spray made it look like I had peed my pants ... which was pretty funny for Jason each time I came back up from the basement with newly cut tiles.

Sigh. We're on our way to an entirely new bathroom. I'm so excited. Once I get a working camera, I'll post pictures.

Also - first eviction on Big Brother tonight! LOVE BIG BROTHER! I'm not crazy about it being on Sunday, Tuesday, and WEDNESDAY nights though. Last summer it was Thursday nights (instead of Wednesday, during the special Big Brother edition they did in the winter it was Wednesday, but there was a lot of other TV on to distract, not to mention busy, busy school which also makes time fly). That means that I now have to wait until SUNDAY for my next BB dose ... how will I make it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I read this post today at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law Blog:
Canada = 1984

... it reminds me of a conversation that Jason and I were having the other day about how there are "culturally acceptable" (for lack of a better phrase) things to judge people about, and there are not. I'm thinking that the emotional derision factor plays a huge part here.

Here - culturally acceptable to judge based on these particular political beliefs. You hear about swastikas, and most people recoil in derision. I'm not arguing for one side or the other here, since I personally think this woman is a little off her rocker, but if we're looking at principles ... I can't help but draw a comparison to polygamy. In polygamous scenarios, actual harm has been shown to exist for women and children ... polygamy is ACTUALLY a crime in the Criminal Code of Canada, but because of the religious associations involved, no action is taken. NOT the same type of derision as one associates with Nazi's.

Interesting to see how this will shake out. Slippery slope indeed.

(Not that I'm suggesting that fostering racism isn't harmful, because it is ... just wanted to pick out some points to illustrate a comparison ... especially with a lack of information about the actual facts ... newspaper articles, as we all know, don't always paint the complete picture)

Costco in Saskatoon

Have you ever been? Don't go on a weekend. It's a zoo. Impossible to find parking, impossible to navigate the area ... a zoo.

So ... unfortunate then that they'll be getting rid of some of the parking stalls for an expansion:
City OKs Costco expansion

Could be super dicey, especially with rising food costs, which I'd only assume makes Costco even more desirable to join.

Sigh. I'll have to plan my Costco trips for early weekday mornings, I suppose.

Oh the Controversy

Has anyone been keeping up with the "Green Shift" name usage controversy that the Liberal party has going on right now?

Here's a CBC article that goes over the whole scenario:
Company seeks $8.5 million from Liberals for use of Green Shift name

I was lucky to catch Jennifer Wright (owner of the company suing the Liberals) on a radio program I was listening too, and it was pretty interesting hearing her side of it all. Her company actually has a Green Shift program that has been in place long before the Liberals decided to (knowingly) use the same name. Stephane Dion called it "deplorable" that the Liberals were taken to court over this, which is interesting seeing as it is the only recourse that was available to protect the Green Shift company's stake in the name.

Now, I haven't taken Intellectual Property yet (hopefully I'll successfully ballot for it in the fall), so I don't know the ins and outs of legally for this scenario, but it certainly appears to be a case where the Liberal party just did what they wanted, because a small company likely wouldn't take the case to court due to being unable to afford it. Yikes. Not so nice, ethical, or honest, if you ask this humble little law student. Why they couldn't pick another name is beyond me. Seems pretty simple. Especially when you'd think they'd want to ENCOURAGE businesses that are making the environment a priority. Wow, hey?

The unfortunate part (to me) of this whole scenario, is the political back and forth non-sense. This is a pretty simple case of intellectual property issues. If you actually read the CBC article above, it's interesting that the first sentence is this:

The owner of an environmental firm who is suing the Liberal party for $8.7 million over its use of the company's name says she's received offers of financial support for her legal battle from Conservatives.

So ... Conservative implication. If you read further on, Ms. Wright does deny (and did on the radio) having taken any money from the Conservatives ... so ... doesn't seem quite as relevant as the actual facts of the case ... but ... I guess it's spicier to implicate the Conservatives somehow, non?

Monday, July 14, 2008

OMG - I'm SOOOO Tired

We've rented a tile cutter, and got straight to work today.

J and I tiled 1/3 of the kitchen floor (we're trying to do it in stages so that we can move the fridge and stove onto the done part before we have to do the rest), and put up kerdi around the tub surround.

Tomorrow, we'll tile the tub surround, and hopefully grout the kitchen floor that we've done.

Wednesday hopefully we'll grout (and hopefully seal) the tub surround, so maybe we'll be back to full fledged showering by Thursday.

Luckily, our water is back to ON on a full-time basis, since J got the new shower faucet system up and running. Whew. No more strategic hydration.

I tried to snap some IN PROGRESS pics, to document our hard-core DIY productiveness, but unfortunately it looks like I've got to research new digital cameras since it looks like mine is done.

My little Kodak CX7330 did a valiant picture taking job for almost 5 years for me, but now the OK button doesn't work. When there hasn't been battery power for a while, the date setting resets, and when you turn the camera on, you can't get past the date reset function without being able to hit OK, meaning I can't use my camera for taking pics. I've done some research, and it looks like far too much trouble to have fixed, so I'll be looking for a new compact digi-cam.

If anyone has one that they love, I'd love suggestions. I don't want to spend more than $150, so bear that in mind with any opinions left for me.

It's funny how I don't use my camera THAT often, but when I want to use it and I can't, it really becomes a thorn in my side.

Time for bed, though. I'm done, just like my camera. Hopefully we'll both be better after a good night's sleep, but somehow I'm thinking that I'll be the only one fully restored in the morning. Sigh.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Holding It

That's kind of what I've been doing, although it's more like strategic hydration. Our bathroom has been torn apart, which is awesome from the perspective that it will soon be gloriously shiny and new, but not awesome from the perspective that we go lengths of time with the water shut off, and therefore get limited options for relief, if you know what I mean.

Here are a couple of before pictures, from when we did the home inspection before we moved in:

We've removed all the wall paper (yuck) to reveal a stunningly purple bathroom.

I don't know if you can tell from the bathtub pics, but there were yucky plastic wall thingy's that were not installed well as a tub surround. I'm so excited, because they're now gone. We're going to be tiling the tub surround, so it should be much better. J also spent the weekend changing the shower from a handheld device to a proper behind the wall kind of shower, which should be much better for tiling.

I can't wait to post AFTER pics. This week we hope to install a new tiled floor, a new vanity a new mirror and light fixture, and maybe a new toilet. We'll see how strategically we can accomplish all of this, as it's our only bathroom. I'm OK with intermittent toilet allowances, but no toilet allowances may be tough to plan around. Oh yeah - and we'll have to paint too. GAH. So much work for such a little room.

The purple wall colour is something that has us wondering, though, especially since it looks like it was a bright baby blue before it was purple. We only wonder since we've had the chance to remove the wall paper in our bedroom to reveal a lime green that is VERY VERY bright, and under the wall paper (still to be removed, sigh) in the other two bedrooms, there is bright pink paint. The kitchen, which is now dark green, was at one time bright red. Either this family was pretty big on the rainbow, or it must have been pretty trendy at one time to go big or go home in the paint colour department. Granted, these rooms could have been painted at any time over an almost 50 year period, so who knows what colours actually co-existed. A mystery for the ages.

Also - summer has officially begun. Big Brother 10 started tonight. GAWD I love watching that show. I can't wait to really get into it. Looks to be a spicy season already.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Happy 5th Anniversary Jackie and Glen!

I love July. Usually there's great weather, the Stampede hits Calgary (although I'll be missing it this year), my birthday goes down (I'm not 30 yet, so it's still all good ... ahahahahaha), and it starts off with a nice long weekend.

On the flip side, today kinda marks the halfway point of my summer vacation. Sigh. It goes by far too quickly. I'm not sure that I'm ready to be a 3rd year law student, the responsibility, the example that I must set ... ahahahahaha.

Speaking of school, 1st year law school rears it's head in the news today ...

Morgentaler named to receive Order of Canada

I'm impressed with the fearlessness of controversy that this shows.

In other Canada Day news I'm scratching my sun burnt knees ... Jason played in a slo-pitch tournament over the weekend, and SPF 30 just didn't protect my knees and my nose. If only I could tan like my brother Joe. The guy never seems to burn, just bronzes. Gah.