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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Done ...

... drunk (kinda) ... and about to undertake some Christmas baking.

It'll be a time. For sure.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here's the News Piece About The Other Westjet Story

Dad miffed WestJet policy fails again
The National Post

I Have Many Buddies That Are Fans

... and not just fans ... SUPER fans! It was a pretty neat year to be in Saskatchewan for the Roughrider win of the Grey Cup ... and now, apparently, fans can buy a Rider Grey Cup fan ring ... to celebrate. Probably not in time for Christmas, though (but that's just me guessing).

Check out the Intergold website here for the fan jewelery. On the radio, they said that the gold fan ring runs about $1200, and the silver about $375.

Mitchell Blair (co-host of the Drew Remenda Sports Show) starts what looks to be the beginning of a great debate on the issue here at the News Talk 650 website:
Fans Don't Deserve Rings

The comments are already starting ... I'm hoping some of the ├╝ber fans out there will leave their 2 cents ... everyone knows how I like a good debate!!!

I'm Proud of Alberta!

Alberta soccer approves hijabs for players
CBC News

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Final Distraction Before Serious Studying

Came to this site via a link from the Freakonomics Blog ...

Lost Wallet Test, where wallets were dropped in front of hidden cameras to test people's honesty.

Good news ... people seem mostly honest! Yay - score one for those of us with positive outlooks on the world.

BUT - be wary of the data (as I always am with statistical experiments like this). MAKE SURE to read the comment on the Freakonomics link page, as it does talk about the misleading nature of some of the graphs.

Interesting, for sure. Seems like I would have liked to have taken some sociology classes in the undergraduate days. Shame.

On the Calgary Breakfast Show this Morning ...

... this headline caught my interest:

Westjet suspends their unaccompanied minor program
Joel Kom, Calgary Herald

This allegedly in the face of a situation with a girl in Montreal, but as I posted on my blog back in August, this isn't anywhere NEAR the first time this issue has plagued them, and this response may seem to many people to be too little too late. See the site below:

Also -

- is it weird/embarrassing that I kind of want to see Alvin and the Chipmunks?

An Awesome Weekend in the Middle of Chaos

Jason's brother and his family surprised him (I knew though ... oh how hard to keep a secret) for his birthday this weekend, and it was SUCH a nice break for me from my study schedule (it's always nice to see those two little nephews).

They arrived on Saturday and we all got to catch up. Saturday night, we toured through the Enchanted Forest light display up at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park (I just saw on the website that you can buy cheaper admission passes at Safeway - if only we'd known). What an awesome sight ... it was a drive-through tour, which was nice (especially touring in their new mini-van). The nephews were SOOOO cute looking at the lights.

Sunday we made some sugar cookies and did some hard-core decorating and checked out the Mendel Art Gallery, where we took in some festive harp music by harpist Chris Lindgren, the nephews got to paint on the snow, and we caught the Woodrow exhibit by artist Graeme Patterson.

We tried to do a little Christmas shopping, but we were bad hosts and couldn't find an appropriate store that was OPEN on Sunday. I guess Jason and I don't shop a lot. While we probably won't REALLY start shopping any more, it's a good reminder that we really should be doing our best to take in the Saskatoon experience in general (we wouldn't have done any of the fun stuff this weekend without the visitors). It's hard to remember that we need to take breaks in the middle of getting things done to really enjoy where we're at, but maybe that can be our New Year's resolution.

All in all, it was an awesome break from studying, and SOOO good to catch up with those guys.

The only downside is that I've developed a sore throat, which I blame on stopping to enjoy myself in the middle of exams. I usually don't have such a big break between exams, and don't stop until I'm all done, and THEN get sick. SO ... I'm trying to stall the inevitable and get through the last one before the sickness takes full hold.

And now ... I'm back in the crux of it all ... back to studying, flowcharts, CANS, casebooks, notes, and spreadsheets. One test left, and it's one that I'd really like to do well in. Oh Health law, hopefully we'll get to know each other REAL well over the next two days.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Four Down ... One to Go

Wrote Wills today. Was a lot of writing. Hand is cramped. SOOOO TIRED. Thank goodness I have a break until my last exam - last one isn't until Thursday, so I'm taking a few days of respite.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo needed.

Yup - More Shoes as a Distraction

On my way out the door to meet a classmate to go over a few things before the Wills test at 9:00, but check out these shoes at PiperLime:

Apparently, I'm hankering for a metallic shoe - who knew?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Anecdote and Exam Tip From a Classmate

I got this message from a classmate:

I have a story/lesson you could use [on the blog].

When writing an exam, make sure you pay attention to how many questions there are, and how much time is allotted to each question. I spent over half an hour too long on my first question on my Family Law exam, but figured I could make up for it by cutting a few corners in the other questions. When I got to my last question, I had 30 minutes left to do a 35 minute question. Not too bad. But then, I turned the page to continue reading the question and found out that there was ANOTHER question. So, instead of leisurely answering my last question, I frantically tried to answer two questions, which were supposed to take a total of 65 minutes, in 30 minutes. Ahh! Note to self: ALWAYS read the exams over before starting!

So true, such a good tip, and THANK YOU for sharing!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best Wines Under $10

At the New York Times ...

... just in time for the holidays ... so thankful I ran into this list.

Made Me Laugh

Check out the video posted on OneL LB and a JD:

Law School Musical Video

Three Down ...

... two to go.

Just wrote Bus Org, so my brain is a pile of goo that leaked out my ear and is sitting on my living room carpet. I'm really not keen to pick it again ... maybe I'll give it a few hours ... I'm sure we could use some time apart for awhile.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm About to Stop Distracting Myself ...

... and get down to studying ... but until then ... check out how awesome these shoes are:

I'm So Lucky

... that my high school experience was so good. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have been around bullying ... and I'm so proud of all of the students in these stories:

Regina school goes pretty in pink
Star Phoenix

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Days Like This That Keep You Going ...

... through the winter, that is. It is GORGEOUS outside ... by Saskatchewan winter standards. Only -11 degrees Celsius, the sun is shining ... I had to take a picture of the sparkling snow (SO GORGEOUS) in my front yard - so hard to capture .... but here's my attempt:

Charter Rights and Red Lights

I know, I'm a geek, I like to rhyme.

I wonder how far this will get?

Lawyer challenges traffic stop
Star Phoenix

*** EDITED: AHAHAHAHA - The title for this was originally "Charter Rights and Traffic Lights" ... little innocent me, when I first read the article saw "blowing through" a red light ... not "blowing a red light" ... so funny, and so NOT THE SAME THING.

Sigh. Not helping the reputation of lawyers out there ... I can back up a valid Charter claim ... but I feel like ... if you blow a red ... and you were driving ... hmmm. BUT again, we don't know the back story here ... I guess there could be one?

Two Down ...

... three to go.

Evidence is over. Was a 2 hour exam, a bit different. We've only done 3 hours exams up until this point. Had to keep reminding myself not to run out of time.

We'll see.

NEXT UP: Bus Org.

I. Am. Terrified.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Where I'm At

I've been feeling reflective about this semester already, but I know I should wait until all my exams are done to really get into it (i.e. I should save my brain power for the exams).

Wrote Debtor-Creditor on Saturday, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Tough thing about Debtor-Creditor is that there are so many rules, that choosing how to apply them was kinda hard - I felt like I applied logic and case law to apply rules to facts, but there were a few different ways I could have sliced the rules, so no matter what I chose to do it FELT LIKE I could in theory justify it.


I'm sad that class is over, though. I liked it. It was very procedural, algorithmic always. The techy in me was happy. Also - Prof was amazing. Professor Cummings is ... amazing. REALLY enjoyed his class, he broke things down in a structured and complete way, he respected all of the students, and answered questions to lift the confusion. I'll definitely take more classes from Cummings.

A good tip I heard the other day is that, as Cummings teaches both Debtor-Creditor law and Secured Transactions ... and because the material is related ... if you take them both together in the same semester, it's a bit confusing to write exams and remember which material is for which class. Luckily, I didn't take Secured Transactions this semester - but a good tip for anyone that is in first year right now ... for next year.

I write Evidence tomorrow, and I'm not too sure about this one. Luther did give us some tutorials with TAs at the end of the semester, which were SOOOOOO helpful. I'm studying a bit differently for this test, as I've heard that Luther likes breadth over depth ... so ... hopefully I've not been led astray.

That's one thing that I've noticed about this year. I've really had to change my studying habits for a few classes; material is a bit different, Profs are a bit different, and I'm trying not to drive myself absolutely CRAZY. We'll see how it all shakes out for the marks.

My reflective attitude wants to talk about the overall experience this semester, but I'll save that until the winter break.

Also - after the Debtor-Creditor exam, I hit Maguires with some classmates for some food and a beer (or 3 ..... ahem). There was a GREAT debate about the Latimer parole decision. Some really great points of view, some really great perspectives, and some really personal reflections on what this all means. Again - a subject worthy of its own post, so it'll have to wait until after exams. Sigh.

P.S. My pre-New Year's resolution is to finally pay attention to when I'm using "it's" and "its" properly ... I KNOW the difference - it's = contraction for it is, its = possessive ... but I pretty much just never pay attention.

Anyhoo - time to go make Evidence come together in a meaningful way. Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

OMG - THIS is Hilarious

A classmate posted this link on Facebook, and I had to hijack and post it here:

One Down

Four to Go.

Aurgh - There Are Too Many Awesome Things Here

OMG - I went through the ThinkGeek (use caution when clicking link - HIGHLY addictive browsing lies ahead) site some more ... how awesome are the following:

Theobromine - the kicky molecule in chocolate.

Friday, December 07, 2007

I Want One

A classmate e-mailed me this link. I want one. EVER so bad.

OK Go - A Million Ways

So ... I didn't do so well. Had to look this one up too, though. I LOVE the treadmill video they did below - seems that singer's sister choreographed both videos.

AURGH. No more video surfing. That's it. Last one.

I Behaved Last Night

I studied my face off ... and didn't even think about Tricia Helfer on The Hour.

then ... Karma took care of me. I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, and as I was flicking through the channel guide on TV, I saw The Hour ... switched to it, and it was right AT THE MOMENT that the TriciaHelfer segment started.


Battlestar Gallactica, how you play with my emotions ... delaying the start of your season until next year ... I know that there's a writer's strike and all ... but you're really leaving me in the lurch.

Also - my first exam is tomorrow.

Scared. Nervous. BUT ... I really like Debtor-Creditor, so I'm ALMOST looking forward to it. I know. Sick and twisted, right?

My goal for today is to NOT distract myself by looking up fun music videos.

I'll let you know how I do.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Aurgh - Another Distraction Found

Tricia Helfer is on The Hour with George tonight.

Love her.

Love him.

How will I be able to resist?

Pause From Studying For Distraction - Complete

OK Go - Here it Goes Again

Feist - 1234

This is my distraction. Ah ... sweet music videos. Why, oh why is there not a channel that I can flick on and watch you whenever I want?

Maybe It's Really Purolator That's Fast

Purolator delivered my Dell ink yesterday ... and today I got another package. My Mother-In-Law called me @ 11:00 AM to say that she'd just sent a package, and low and behold I got another knock on the door from my friendly neighbourhood Purolator delivery dude at about 2:00 PM.

WOW. That's all I have to say. WOW.

Also - was very embarrassing. I have the Bell Express Vu Holidays channel on in the living room - I've been in our 3rd bedroom/office studying, and the Christmas tunes are the perfect background. Unfortch, the channel in question displays a roaring fireplace on the screen - super cheesy. Purolator guy laughed at me. AURGH. Embarrassing.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dell Is Fast

Yay. I can shower.

My Dell ink cartridges arrived just now.

I ordered them late Monday night, and they were here just after noon on Wednesday. That's smokin' fast. AWESOME.

I can print my flow-charts.

I'm Afraid to Take a Shower

I've been tracking the shipment of my printer ink online, and it looks like it's sitting on a delivery truck making it's way to my house. Unfortch, it seems that there are a few houses on the delivery route before mine.

My luck: I'd hop in the shower quickly only to miss the ink delivery person. So ... no shower until I get my ink! Hopefully ... this doesn't take days .... AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

It's that time of year again ... blog posts become rare, ink in the printer runs dry, my nerves are dropping one-by-one, and all I want to think about is the Christmas break. I'm not running on empty yet - but I'm getting there.

I've been pacing myself MODERATELY well for studying ... my first exam, Debtor-Creditor, is on Saturday. The only test I'm REALLY worried about is BusOrg, which is my third test. I feel like I understand the material, but there is SOOOOO MUCH OF IT. Seriously. It's ridiculous. While I've read most of it, and get most of it ... I just haven't found a great way to organize it all so that I can quickly retrieve the info I need. Also, I'm not sure that I always understand what the Prof is asking (I know, if not for the denial about the looming exam, I'd probably lose sleep over this one). After I toss and turn the words around a little, I eventually get it ... but my way of thinking isn't parallel to his ... it's perpendicular ... so while I KNOW the info he's looking for ... I don't always know WHICH info he's asking me for ... I'm not looking at the same horizon that he is. Yikes.

It's snowing right now, and I'm so happy that I'm snug as a bug in my cute little house. No need to go outside today, we're fully stocked with groceries (my Hubby spoiled me by seeing to my every exam-week grocery need); I've got yummy coffee brewing and yummy (FAT-FREE) hazelnut coffee whitener to put in it. I'm even stocked with Diet Pepsi and mini-wheats - essentials.

Now - I've got to get through a bunch of material before the second last episode of ANTM tonight ... EXCITING! Any guesses on who's going to get the boot? I guess ... Bianca or Chantal to be gone ... I guess that Saleisha and Jenah for SURE in the final two ... oooooh ... I can't wait.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Looks Like the Strike is Nearing An End


Tentative Agreement Reached with CUPE

I'm looking forward to being able to get back into my old routine. I'm definitely a routine girl, I like to be organized, and know where I'm going and what I'm up to.