Friday, July 07, 2006

"Why Fight When You Can Negotiate?"

... in the illustrious words of Captain Jack Sparrow. Tonight I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Man's Chest. I think it far outshines the first Pirates movie, LOVED it ... damn that Johnny Depp is sexy as Captain Sparrow ... and, was it just me, or was this one movie where Orlando Bloom was most definitely super manly and not at all girly (besides, of course, the Lord of the Ring movies).

Found a fan site for Jack Sparrow (the character, not Johnny Depp)- a GREAT GALLERY!

When the line "Why fight when you can negotiate?" was delivered as nobody but Johnny Depp could, it got me to thinking. There are a few things that we all could learn from Captain Jack Sparrow:

1. Having a conscience makes you a hero.
2. Flying under the radar works.
3. Staying calm under pressure is the key.
4. When the time comes to step up, do it with style.
5. An excellent vocabulary is vital.
6. Make a grand entrance.
7. For the most part, tell people only what they need to know.
8. Rumours are rarely true.

Anyone else have any to add?

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