Wednesday, September 03, 2008


What a long day, yesterday.

Orientation for the 1Ls officially started yesterday. As an LSA Council member, I was there with bells on helping with various activities including handing out LSA T-Shirts, herding people around for the various registration type things, and participating in the sibling match.

Looks like we've got a great bunch of 1Ls coming in, everyone seemed very friendly, super eager, and a little bit nervous (ahh ... how similar to my first day of law 2 years ago).

Also, looks like classes officially start for the upper years TODAY! There was some confusion on this topic, so it is finally settled. I'm making an early morning trek to the bookstore to get some textbooks and then it'll be on; 3L will begin officially.

After talking to some of my classmates yesterday, I think I'm going to forget about finagling my schedule, and just stick with what I've got ... one person told me that International Trade Law is a pretty good course. I was sure that it was interesting, but still was thinking about trying to get into a seminar to have a paper assessment instead of an exam assessment ... but I've been convinced, so I'll see how it goes.

And ... off to school I go. I have International Trade Law and Family Law today, so I'll update later with how those classes seem to be after the first class.

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