Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Too Much to Report

I've just been enjoying the gorgeous fall weather (still no fall shots of campus though, must get on that), trying to organize my life, and keeping up with school as much as I have to.

I've made some real progress on my Term Commentary for International Trade Law, which is great. It's taking a load of the ol' shoulders.

I went to yoga again tonight, which was super great. I just love going to yoga every week. I'd love to go more than once a week, but once a week seems to be a pretty big commitment for me right now, so I'm trying to pace myself at a level where I can maintain my success.

Goal for this week (besides keeping up with school at the same pace I've set for myself) ... finish organizing our office. This summer I made real headway with actually implementing a filing system for us (amazingly we survived without one before, I'll never know how), and I finally was able to buy some more hanging file folders so that I can finish the job. I can't wait to have a place for everything (even if everything isn't always in its place).

And now ... a post yoga snack ... mmmm ... yoga always makes me hungry.

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