Friday, September 19, 2008

And Then She Rested

My schedule this semester grants me Fridays off. I was thinking this would be such a great opportunity to get ahead on my school work, but so far I've been finding that I'm just exhausted from the 4 school days that I've got, and Fridays turn into days of rest.

Today, though, I'm quite proud of myself. I've gone into an organizational blitz and cleared most of my school 'to do' list, apart from your everyday friendly neighbourhood readings. I finished my first Learning Journal entry for ADR, I've begun my Term Commentary for International Trade Law (which isn't due until the end of the semester, but I figure if I get it done now, it's a weight lifted from my shoulders), and I'm narrowing in on my actual thesis for my Intellectual Property major paper. Besides normal readings and writing 3 final exams, I believe these are the only things that I'll actually have to tackle this semester (in terms of academics).

The Learning Journal for ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) is worth 80% of my mark. It's a progressive writing assignment that is due at 3 times over the course of the semester. We have to write 10 entries based on 10 of the 12 classes that we'll end up having. It's just brilliant. A very welcome break from legal writing. I was able to be reflective and inquisitive at the same time, in a conversational tone no less. I think the only challenge with this is keeping up with it. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to try and think back 3 or 4 weeks to a class that you're starting to forget, and come up with some kind of meaningful rumination. At least class is only once a week ... means I have a whole week to tackle each journal entry.

I'm also, I believe, up to date with updating the LSA website which has taken up a good deal of time for me. I'm still really happy with how it's looking, and I've received some really great feedback as to how it's working for students. I'm really hoping that the LSA Council members pick up on the blog feature and we can get a real feeling of communication and involvement going between the LSA Council and the greater LSA membership.

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