Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forget After Watching

Jason and I went out on a date last night, and we both concur with many of the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes ... Burn After Reading is more aptly named 'Forget After Watching'.

Don't want to put any spoilers out there, but in the Editorial of the Cineplex movie magazine it talked about how the Coen brothers wrote the characters for people they wanted to work with, and then tried to fit them together in a story. You can tell. ALSO, probably our distaste for the movie wouldn't have been so acute had there not been so much inappropriate laughter last night. Like Fargo, this movie was quite dark and had some violent bits in it ... and people were outright guffawing at these parts ... it was a really weird experience.

Either way, the popcorn was good, and our confusion at what the movie was trying to say coupled with our sense of being weirded out by morbid laughter provided good conversation for the way home. Can't ask much more out of date night, I suppose ... non?

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Jimmy Mack said...

That's funny, me and the Prez actually quite enjoyed it. I thought it was just hilarious how no one knew what they were doing. It did get a little dark after the closet scene, and I too was surprised by the amount of laughter at that. I thought the whole idea of this interwoven tale with no point hilarious though, because how much of real life really has no meaning?