Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Just got back from a matinée with the Law girls ... Mamma Mia! Loved it. Was super cheesy, with some seriously questionable singing (ahem ... Pierce Brosnan ... ahem ... at least he gave it his all ... it would have been way worse if he only gave a half-assed performance) ... but OVERALL the entire experience was delightful and had us all giggling and sighing in pure abandon!

Now ... we all want to go to Greece.

AND ... as a tribute:

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James said...

I have not seen the Momma Mia movie yet. I was planning to when I went out to visit the gf in NF, but we ended up breaking up instead. It was mutual and amicable, but watching Mamma Mia when you're bummed out just doesn't work.

I did however, see the musical when it was in Toronto a number of years ago. Lots of fun! (Yes, that's right, I'm a straight male and I'm not ashamed to admit I like ABBA - long story)

And, after having been to the Greek Islands earlier this summer, I can say that everyone does indeed want to go to Greece. Athens is interesting, but the Islands are simply incredible! I highly recommend them as a vacation destination, although I personally wouldn't want to go in High Season. Things were busy enough at the beginning of May!

Enjoy 3L!