Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Family Filled Weekend

What a great weekend. We were so lucky and got to connect with people from both sides of our families.

Purple sweet peppers from the experimental farm? Yup ... we got a stash from Auntie Dona and Brenda, as well as some gorgeous tomatoes, when we had dinner with them Thursday evening. Mmmm ... ham ... that's all I can say. It was nice to chat with them, and be treated to a great home-cooked meal (makes my cooking look like frozen dinner fare).

Friday, Jason's cousin Ken, his wife Tina, and their 3 kids drove up from the Edmonton area to visit with us and attend the stock car races (Ken's company sponsors one of the drivers). It was so great to have the house full of people again ... the kidlings in this family are such great kids, seriously a pleasure to host.

AND ... the stock car races ... AWESOME! We went to the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, where we persevered through the chilly evening (thanks to sweaters, blankets, a lucky sleeping bag, and the occasional hot chocolate), and watched the ARCA West Mac's Late Model Series race. It was super thrilling; the cars were loud, the track was tight, and we even got to see some bumping and grinding ... race-car style. I totally understand why people buy season's tickets. Totally something Jason and I would never have just bought tickets for, so it's great that Ken came out and we had the opportunity to see what a great facility is here in Saskatoon.

Between time trials and the race, we even got to see some kids, aged 8 and up, race minicup racing stocks. Apparently these kids got up to 68 miles/hour on the track, and there was passing and jockeying for position, all the same stuff as with the full size race ... pretty kewl.

And now ... to get ready for another week of school. Reading, reading, reading. I may even make soup from scratch today ... anything is possible.

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