Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Was Just Reading ...

... in Canadian Lawyer 4 Students magazine ...

a U of M Law prof conducted a SWOOP in his class ... he forced all students to raise their hands from their keyboards, and then walked around to see what was on their screens.


Can you imagine? I'm a note-taker by hand, so I always find it interesting to hear about the prof perspective on laptops in the classroom.

The article is Friend or Foe by Robert Todd on page 9, which can be viewed here.

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James said...

I use the computer to take notes. The combination of horrible hand writing and the ability to type quicker than I can write are the reasons.

I will admit that I occasionally check e-mail / facebook / MSN in class. That being said, I'm not as bad as a lot of people who take no notes and just play on the internet all class. Thre's even a few students who will play video games the whole time! Makes you wonder why they even show up?