Thursday, September 04, 2008

One Day of Classes Under My Belt

So, yesterday I had my first International Trade Law class, and my first Family Law I Class. I think I'm really going to like both.

The more I think about it, if I end up getting into anything technology related, International Trade Law will probably be imperative. The social/political issues that are so intertwined with the subject are also right up my alley. In summary, I'm super glad that I ended up balloting out this class, even though it wasn't at the top of my list.

Family Law I was entertaining last night. I've heard nothing but good things about Professor Whalen, so I'm glad that I was able to get into this class with him. This was a class that I wasn't REALLY looking forward to taking, but again, I think I'm going to be pleasantly surprised. My Gender and the Law class last year, as well as being a married law student, have really changed the way that I critically think about a lot of the issues that will be coming up in Family. Hopefully this will prove to make for a really engaging semester. In summary, I'm really looking forward to this class too, and I REALLY love evening classes. I'd probably take all evening classes if I could (although then it would be hard to fit in the yoga classes that I signed up for ... sigh ... I guess you can't have it all ... ahahahaha).

My trip to the bookstore was pretty successful yesterday. I think I've picked up everything that I need. I got to the bookstore at about 8:10 or so, and it opened at 8:30. I was the first in line. There was a line that developed to get in, but the check-out lines were super fast. I stand by my assertation that opening is the best time to hit that place.

On deck for today is International Law and Intellectual and Industrial Property Law. I have to admit that I'm mostly un-thrilled with the looks of the International Law textbook ... pretty thick and pretty heavy (and NO COMMENTS about not judging a book by it's cover ... you would too if you saw this book). Might have to be one that stays in the ol' locker at school so that I don't have to lug it around. Hopefully this textbook doesn't mean a CRAZY amount of reading (I don't mind A LOT, since Bus Org last year I've learned how to manage A LOT, but A CRAZY AMOUNT would really bring me down). I checked out the class list for International, and a few of my buddies that did the Jessup Moot (International Law moot) last year are in this class ... so that's a good sign. Hopefully if I have a panicked late night question for any reason, they'll humour me.

I'm also looking forward to Intellectual Property. I've heard that this is a good course, and of course with my background in Computer Science, it should be pretty relevant to creating a niche for myself in the law somewhere when I'm out in the "real world" as a lawyer ... that is ... if I don't get seduced by the money to be made by the mess that is the human condition as a family law lawyer .... Whalen is so funny.

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