Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Great Day

This last week has been pretty hectic. I did take a relaxing weekend for myself ... did NOTHING school related, slept, recovered from a crazy first full week of school and flexed my culinary prowress. My favourite kitchen creation of the weekend - I tried this fruit crumble recipe from epicurious with frozen blueberries and raspberries (cut the crumble recipe bit in half, though, and followed advice in the comments about upping baking time to 1 hour if using frozen fruit), and it was HEAVENLY. I've got another batch in the oven right now, because I can't get it out of my mind. Super fruity, just enough crumble, seriously ... heaven. PS - pastry blender = one of the best inventions ever.

Seems like overnight the leaves have started changing colour here in Saskatoon. This is my favourite time of year on campus, as the U of S campus becomes so colourful and gorgeous with the fall foliage. I must remember to bring my camera to school one morning, and take some pics ... especially since this will be my last chance to do this!!!

So far 3L has been busy, but not necessarily from the school-work point-of-view. At this point, I think third years have this aspect down ... we know what it takes to write exams and papers, and we know what we have to do throughout the semester to get there. The flurry of activity, for me, has been from the extra-curricular side of things.

There's been a lot of work for the LSA website that I'm maintaining ... this has taken up a lot of my face-time with the computer, hence my blog neglect. I see this slowing down a bit, as school gets busier and as I get into more of an established routine with this. I hope so, since I'd really like to prioritize the blog enteries, seeing as it's my last year to be imparting the law student point-of-view.

Also, September is notoriously packed with events and activities to welcome the first year students, allow returning students to reconnect, and pack in as much fun as possible before we all need to get all serious and studious.

As far as school goes, so far I'm enjoying all of my classes. None of them are too overwhelming on the reading assignments ... so far ... so that seems to be setting me up for a fairly manageable semester. I'm really happy with all of the profs that I have this semester, which also makes a HUGE difference as to how enjoyable the next few months will be.

AND ... on a personal level, I started a weekly yoga class tonight. Sigh. I love yoga. I gave Yoga Central a whirl back in my first year here, which was great ... but I think the weekly class format will work better for me this semester ... with Yoga Central I suffered from I'm-Wasting-Money-From-Not-Attending-Enough-Classes Guilt when I got busy with school. Weekly classes should be more manageable from that perspective. Makes me miss my favourite yoga instructor back in Calgary ... Donna! Can't wait to get back to take classes from you again!!!

So ... today was a great day because I went to school early (had to run to catch the bus, but didn't miss it!), got all my reading done, had relatively painless classes, went home and had a cat-nap, got to go to yoga, and now the Big Brother 10 Finale! Woot woot ... and my berry crumble should be ready soon. Sigh. If only all days could be so perfect.

To cap off the great day, here's a funny to leave with you all ... check out Lainey's blog entry from Monday ... she posted a clip of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live... it's AWESOME. Seriously, a must watch. Made my week.

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