Saturday, December 09, 2006


That's almost 10 hours at school so far. In about an hour I'm meeting a classmate to go over some Contracts problems, and then I'm hitting the gym, then home.

Weird that I'm not hungry quite yet. Not sure what to think about that one. Maybe it will hit me when I leave this place, only to return again tomorrow morning. I did eat a taco bagel (Treats here on campus was the only food place open when I went to grab lunch, and they have pizza or taco bagels, basically meat and cheese toasted on an open bagel half ... mmmm), and I've been munching on veggies and Diet Coke for the afternoon. Not really that much in Lisa-land, but I'm sure I'll be ravenous after the gym.

I got my flowcharts done for Contracts, and I'm feeling pretty good about them. I started cross-checking my case spreadsheet with the CANS from the LSA, and found some mistakes in the CANS. This reiterates that while CANS are a useful tool, DON'T RELY ON THEM! One of the cases was even listed as having the opposite result. YIKES.

The most fun about exam time is getting together in groups of students trying to guess what your exam questions will be. I think this is a great exercise in knowing your stuff, and encourages you to think creatively when preparing (which is probably a good thing).


Anonymous said...

Just curious...what case in the LSA contracts cans has the wrong decision in it?

Lisa Hutch said...

The Kernel's case (the Anticipation of Formalization case).

I re-read the case, read the summary on Quicklaw, and consulted some classmates. It's definitely wrong.