Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Did I Mention My Gratitude?

I am thankful for the opportunity to be in Saskatoon to study law, I'm grateful that I'm healthy, and that I have a family that loves me and misses me.

I'm reminding myself, because the final hours before the trek home are becoming unbearable. It's been the longest stretch that I've ever gone without seeing my husband (since we met, actually), and while I know that it isn't as long as some people have to go, it's long for us.

So ... while I'm in the throes of misery, at being here without Jason, and at having one more test before I'm allowed to take flight, I'm recounting why I'm a lucky girl. I'm so lucky that I get to go to the U of S, I really do like it there, the faculty are great, the school has a good vibe, and I've had the opportunity to be involved in some interesting things. I'm lucky that I live in a nice townhome with roomates that are nice to me, and take care of me. I'm lucky that I get to go home tomorrow (and that it's a home that I covet and crave), and that I get to fly instead of having to drive. I'm thankful that, after getting into law school, I actually like it, and am starting to see where I want my life's work to take me. This is a big plus ... something that I've been missing for most of my twenties. I'm SOOO lucky that my husband is supportive, and that he tells me that he misses me.


It's starting to help.

A little.

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