Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm Finally on a Roll with Criminal

It took me so long to get into the groove, but I'm there.

I'm in the kitchen, working like a demon, and in the living room, my roomies are watching a biography segment on Pink ... it's the best of both worlds. I work fairly well with subtle background noise, and once in awhile I catch a few interesting things about an artist that I think is pretty cool ... as in, her promotion of stopping the Stupid Girl movement ... which reminds me that I want to read Female Chauvinist Pigs by: Ariel Levy. I started it one time, but had to return the book.

I have a bunch of music on hold at the Saskatoon library, but I must be at the end of a long waiting line ... I've been waiting forever for some CDs. I have a couple of books on hold as well, including Neil Gaiman's Stardust; we'll see how long that one will take.

Anyway, I've got to wrap up summarizing a few cases, then I'm hitting bed, then up early, finishing my flowcharts (yeah, I know ... I've been threatened with a nickname with the word "flow" in it), printing everything off in colour-coded goodness, off to school (maybe the gym, depending what time I get off), and then I've got to rush about to get a few things done and hit the airport to FLY HOME! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

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