Sunday, December 24, 2006

Busy Friday

So, Jason and I met a friend for breakfast, then we picked up one last Christmas present (don't worry, we didn't hvae to go to a mall for it, so it was super fast). I dropped Jason off at work, went home and wrapped up a few things, took care of some house stuff, picked him up, then his cousins from New York came to visit, then we chilled for an hour (or so), and then we went for dinner with friends, and went over to their house for a killer game of monopoly (NHL version). It was a jam-packed day, and it was awesome.

Thursday night, was even better on the funny scale. It was Joe's 18th b-day, and we went out for dinner, had cake at Mom & Dad's, and then we took him to the Rose & Crown pub to have some b-day drinks before he went to Hi-Fi (dance club) with his buddies. There are some pretty funny pics, here's a few:


Prezzie Time

Joe and Sem

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