Friday, December 01, 2006

I Woke Up and Turned on the Radio

... and heard them talk about how slippery the freakin' roads are ... looks like I'm taking the bus today.

I've been thinking that while everything is fresh in my head, I should compile a list of things that I would have liked to have known my first month of law school. That's going to be the project for the next week, I'll publish it when I'm done.

I've got to start thinking about Xmas shopping. When, oh when will I get to it?

I went grocery shopping last night, and tried to stock up so that I wouldn't have to go again until in the New Year (since I'll be gone from Dec 20 - Jan 3, back home for Christmas). I bought so many yummy things ... mmmm ... yogurt raisins. I wonder if I'll make it last?

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