Friday, December 08, 2006

Must Have Overdone it Yesterday

I slept a lot today, but I'm studying now, and feeling pretty good about where I'm at.

I had a Wendy's salad for supper, which makes me proud of myself because I went to Wendy's and didn't get a burger and fries (which is SOOOO tempting). I'm continuing my healthy kick.

I'm almost done going through the cases for Constitutional with a fine tooth comb. I made a nice, concise little spreadsheet that I'll take into the exam with me. It organizes the cases as per the syllabus (i.e. the theory), and highlights the issues and the holdings of the court. I think this is a way better way of getting through a course than completing actual case briefs. I still read all of the cases, but if I did a whole brief, I'd never look at it again (and a load of case briefs are too cumbersome to be helpful in an exam).

My next plan is to make a spreadsheet of rules, and then to construct some flowcharts as to how I'd answer exam questions. A classmate found some flowcharts on the internet which are a truly great starting point (BEYOND a truly great starting point, upon initial inspection, they seem really good). She can't remember where she found them, but I got a copy.

Then, I want to do some practice questions.

Tomorrow, though, I'm going to devote to Contracts, which is the Monday mid-term (worth only 20% of my mark). I figure I'll devote all of Saturday to Contracts, back to Constitutional on Sunday, Monday morning Contracts (the exam is at 2, and is only until 3:30), and then Monday evening back to Constitutional. That means that I'll have all of Tuesday and Wed. morning to wrap up the Constitutional bag, which is good since that's the 100% final.

My next exam after that isn't until the next Monday (Property), and it's a 20% mid-term, just like my last exam for Criminal which is on Wednesday.

I figure that I'll use Thursday to get some Christmas shopping done, and rest my weary little brain (de-Constitutionalize, I guess), and then Friday get back into the study racket. I feel like I'll do Property on Friday and Saturday, Crim on Sunday, Monday morning - Property, take Monday evening off, Tuesday and Wed. morning - Crim. That should do it. Makes 2 1/2 days of studying for each of those, and they're only 20% mid-terms.


Back to the books (and by books, I mean sometimes refer to my notes and textbook, more often refer to online materials and soft copies of cases - funny).

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