Saturday, December 09, 2006

Been at School for Just Over 7 Hours Now ...

I was here too early for the law library to open, and I think there's exams in there anyway, so I grabbed a vacant classroom, and got to work. 5 others have drifted into this class, but it's a super quiet zone. I bought some carrots at lunch, and I'm too paranoid to start eating them for fear of hearing my crunching echo (or my TMJ cracking).

I've gotten through all of the Contracts cases and made them into a spreadsheet, I've made a flowchart for answering Offer and Acceptance problems, and now I'm tackling the Certainty of Terms flowchart. After I do that, I think I'll be sitting quite pretty (I hope, although not literally as I sit here with a yucky ponytail, my yoga pants, and the zip up pink striped sweater that my sisters continually threaten to burn).

I want to hit the gym before I head home. Healthy, healthy me. Actually, I consider myself to be creating a reserve for once the Christmas eating ensues. My roomate brought home some ginger snaps that a friend had made, and I had four of them before I moved them out of my reach. Oh Christmas ... how fun it is when your brain shuts down and has no qualms about allowing you to stuff your face.

Well, it's been a slice, a nice little break, but back to the books I head.

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