Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Catch Up

Poker night on Saturday was great - it was a collision of worlds for me - the law school world with my personal world, and it seemed to work out just fine. We quit playing before there was a clear winner (although clear losers shall remain nameless - wink, wink).

Sunday my Husband and sister left, which left me feeling rather melancholy and blue. So, I took my car for a spin on the icy roads, got some gas (so that my tank was full with it being so cold and all), and hit McDonalds. Yeah, I know, but it really did make me feel better.

Monday I got up super early, drove to school (BLT - brave little toaster), hit the gym, hit my classes, and then hit yoga. My hips are screaming at me, since yoga was all hip work ... but oh how good it feels.

Today I hit the gym again this morning, hit all my classes, got my exam ID number (they give us randomly assigned three digit numbers that are used for our exam IDs, so that it's uber anonymous), did some research for my Pro Bono project, went to Louis' for a pint with some classmates, and hit all my classes.

When I got home tonight, I was exhausted, hence me writing this from a prone position in bed.

Since exam season is upon us, a lot of review is going on in our classes, which is excellent (and scary). Tomorrow we don't have classes, but I have a date with my Constitutional text, and my Contracts notes. I'm hoping to go pretty hard tomorrow, and get crazy amounts of studying done, just to set the tone for myself. I may try to squeeze in a yoga class, though, since I feel like I need to inflict pain on another part of my body so that I can forget about my hips.

Oh - and my sister brought a special present from my Mom --- LONG UNDERWEAR! I'm so excited about them, they fit like a dream - my legs will never be cold again (and they're pretty - go figure).

My roomies picked up a mini Christmas tree today, and seeing it made me realize how close Christmas is - so easy to forget when you're in law world.

Sigh. Makes one want to sing Christmas carols (if one could carry a tune).

So tired - I hear my bedfellow calling me (i.e. Battlestar Gallactica, if you didn't read the post bellow).

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