Friday, July 13, 2007

WOW and My Sore and Tired Arms

I've mentioned on this blog before that I play WOW (I know, it is a little computer nerdy ... but hey ... it is SOOOOOOOO fun, and I am a bit of a computer nerd). Well, this morning, my WOW world and my law school world collided in a spicy and delicious way.

In my inbox this morning was the Addendum (newsletter from the CBA). Among other interesting articles was this one:

Contracts in the MMO world by Chris Bennett and Andreas Lober


If I go back to Saskatchewan, one of the requirements for the law degree is that a minor paper and a major paper have to be completed. This article opened my eyes to the fact that my papers could be on a creative and interesting topics (on a personal level). Now ... I'm on the lookout for ideas that I could write my papers on!!!

As for the sore arms ... played beach volleyball last night, and I loved it. My arms are so sore, since I'm such a rookie that I only hit it correctly 1/8 times or so, but it was so much fun. Very party-ish kind of atmosphere, and all the teams that were playing had great attitudes, highly recommend this one!

Played ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday ... pretty exciting. The game was a LOT more running than I was expecting (more than soccer even, in my opinion), so I'm excited about the prospect at upping my endurance. I'm really excited about the team that we've put together, too. I think we'll have a lot of fun over the next few months ... but as newbies, I'm afraid that we may have some problems with winning games (we were trounced ... 0-8 in both of our games on Wednesday). Oh well, I think if we practice our Frisbee tossing a bit then we'll at least be able to put some points on the board next time.

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Christy said...

I used to play WOW too! Actually DH and I would fight over whose turn it was to play. Now it is too hard to play b/c of my daughter...she hates it when either of us are on the computer.