Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spiders Kinda Freak Me Out ... But ...

... a co-worker forwarded this article to me, and it's too funny to keep to myself!

Makes me think of a new VERSION of Spider-Man ... heh heh heh ... and the kinds of world saving activities that he'd get up to.

Played soccer last night and a fight almost broke out ... pretty dramatic. We won the game, but the other team was a little intense at times. They definitely calmed down a little after the almost-fight, but it sorta takes the "social" aspect out of the Calgary Sports and Social Club, which is too bad (since that's why we choose to play in that league).

I definitely need to learn to drink more water. All the time. I'm getting killer headaches the days after soccer, even though the day of I try to drink monstrous amounts of H2O. So ... that's my goal for the week. Copious amounts of water ... all the time!

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