Friday, July 06, 2007

Tinkering Is So Fun

I'm having fun tinkering with the colours and layout of my blog. This probably won't be the final version, so get used to a revolving design over the next few weeks.

Still no news.

I <3 Strawberry Milk (with spicy salmon rolls).

Stampede officially starts in Calgary today. Parade was this morning. I was @ work, so I'll probably catch the highlights on the news tonight.

Not much to report today, but as a side note, I sure think that all this Avril Lavigne stuff is pretty funny. First of all, I read on Lainey's site that Chantal Kreviazuk, in an interview with Performing Songwriter, describes how Avril Lavigne "stole" a song from her. Seems pretty serious to be putting OUT THERE in a public interview. Then, in the next few days, I hear about a copyright lawsuit naming Avril (among others) for her song Girlfriend.

I find this especially hilarious, because Avril was featured in Jane Magazine (love, love, love Jane Magazine) in April 2007. When I read the article, back in April, I thought Avril sounded like a pretentious little girl trying to sound like a worldly woman. I think she came off fake, defensive, and generally brat-ish. And now ... all of these scandalous accusations ... yikes. Avril is probably going to a serious publicity makeover (at the very least)!

Too bad ... Canadian girls definitely need some female role models.

Random and not so coherent thoughts, I know. But it's Friday, and it is GORGEOUS outside. HELP! Get me out in the sun ... STAT!

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