Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Still Waiting for News

Transfer Watch 2007 is still in effect. Still haven't heard what my fate will be; Calgary (home) or Saskatoon (pack up and move). Sigh.

The weather in Calgary has been hot and humid, which is quite different for this area. I don't LOVE it (due to the uncontrollable sheen of sweat that seems to coat your body, and the unruly and misbehaving hair that results), but it's kind of neat stepping outside at night and feeling (almost) like you're in Cuba ... or at least near an ocean (as per my Lil' Sis).

Had a great weekend. Jason's brother and his girlfriend came up and hit the Stampede, and we got to meet up with them on the patio of the Ship & Anchor. Brought back memories of sitting there with a friend of ours who has since moved back to Newfoundland. Awww .... memories.

Also, I can't believe how much I the Calgary Public Library. Last night Julie and I dropped in to drop off some almost overdue books, pickup some of my holds, AND ... I grabbed this:

The Food Lover's Trail Guide to Alberta Volume 2

I've only had time to do some casual flipping so far, but there are all sorts of neat places in here that I can't wait to try. Makes me want to pick up Volume 1 as well.

Also, I'm starting to get Harry Potter fever. Bad. I get all breathless when I see ads etc. for the book. 4 more days. My B-Day is shortly after the release date, and I'm hoping that I'm lucky enough to receive the BOOK OF THE FREAKIN' YEAR!!!! I can't wait. The chest pain. The anticipation. I can't explain. I can't take it. You'll notice that there are no hyperlinks that are Harry related - I can't do any Harry googling, because I can't chance coming across a spoiler ... I really can't. It's far too meaningful, too personal ... it must remain pure and unknown. Sigh.

Last night I watched the first Harry Potter movie with Julie, Joe, and Jason. Just to get in the mood. I told friends that I'd wait a few weeks and go see the new Harry Potter movie with them then ... but I don't know if I can wait.

Also ... did you catch the Victoria Beckham Coming to America Special? Ahahahaha. Loved it. You can watch it all online if you missed it. I don't know why I love it SOOO much ... but I do. Maybe it's because we have a special U of S bond (as I posted about last December). Also - I want her hair. So bad. I covet it. Not so much her heels ... but her hair. MAJOR.

Why do I have to love Dairy Queen so much? It seems to be my Achilles' heel.

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