Monday, July 09, 2007

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer

While I've never participated in this event, I think it would be an amazing experience. I was talking about this event with someone, and about how it is the largest breast cancer fundraiser in Alberta (bringing in $19 Million dollars in 2005 and 2006), and the woman I was talking to expressed dismay at how unfortunate it is that that money doesn't necessarily go towards breast cancer itself. Her impression was that it just went into a cancer research pool. Her comments got me wondering.

When you go to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer website, there is a section called "Your Dollars at Work" that talks about where some of the money has gone, but these are pretty general types of descriptions.

There are better descriptions on the Alberta Breast Cancer Research Initiative website, where the research stories link gives a brief overview (again pretty general), but if you click on each researchers name, you can see much more detailed research initiative descriptions.

So ... while ALL the money raised doesn't appear to go DIRECTLY to breast cancer research, it appears that most of it does, and that some pretty important projects and clinical trials are directly funded by the money raised by the brave weekend walkers.

As for transfer news, still nothing. I'm supposed to get an e-mail sometime this week (maybe) with the official YAY or NAY ... so I'll keep this site posted.

Jason and I got to spend a wonderful weekend at Buck lake with his family. It was a gorgeous, sunny, cloudless weekend, and we were really able to unwind and relax (well ... me as much as I can, the transfer stuff has me wound up a little, I'm not gonna lie). We got to go wakeboarding (and Jason got to go tubing - Jackie actually drove the tube for Jason and Clay, and DUMPED JASON OUT ... yup ... Jackie is officially a bad a$$ boat driver).

I sunburned my knees (of all places ... speaks as to why cancer is on the brain too ... I suppose).

No pics, since I lost track of my camera out at the lake. I'm going to have to ask if anybody found it ... yikes. It's either in the boat, or in the trailer. Hmmm.

I'm excited because the outside of our townhome is getting power washed today. It's needed it for quite awhile, so when I get home tonight, it should be sparkling and brand new looking.

Wearing jeans to work rocks (I <3 Stampede week for this reason).

Also - with the three weekends in a row away from home, our place is a disaster. Looks like we're getting company for the weekend, so I'm going to have to sort our place out. This week all of my Calgary Sports and Social Club sports start, as well, so on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I'm playing soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.

Also - MUST pick out my U of S courses so that I can ballot for them.

So much to do, so little time.

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