Wednesday, July 04, 2007

As Promised ... Here are Some Pics From the Long Weekend

Our Camping Spot
Camping Spot

Fireworks on Canada Day
Light Show

Jason Enjoying the Awesome Campfire

The weather here has been awesome, so what do I decide to do tonight? Bake, of course. May as well heat up the house a bit with an oven. Oh well, I don't get the urge very often, so when I do I indulge it.

I tried a variation of the Strawberries and Cream Tart as posted about on Leslie's Blog, (located on my sidebar, Leslie also did a guest post on the food networks website, here).

Feels Like Summer, Did Some Baking

I couldn't find a vanilla bean at Safeway, so I had to resort to plain old vanilla extract, and I'm not exactly a DIY pastry kind of girl, so I bought pre-made tart shells. I'm thrilled with how my tarts turned out, though, and I'm going to try and save them for this weekend so I can share them.

But now, I'm tired, and my bed is calling my name.

Will post more tomorrow. G'night.

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Leslie said...

Those look great!!!!! I hope they were tasty! :)