Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Am I an Emotional Wreck?

Sometimes, I suppose, but as a law student in Somewhere, USA, I would much more likely be an emotional wreck.

The Wall Street Journal Online's Law Blog from June 8, 2007 (by Peter Lattman) is below:

I read through a few of the comments, and they seem to cover a broad spectrum of perspectives ... some of them overlapping with my own. Interesting!

This is the study that spurned the Wall Street blog topic:

Gotta say, I like this Wall Street Journal's Law Blog. I scanned through it a little bit and found this article too, made me laugh out loud:

Found these blogs today, gonna take a spin through them and see if they're lucky enough to deserve spots on my illustrious sidebar:

Still no news. Still waiting patiently (heh heh heh), and ... really mad at Julie for going to Harry Potter without me. Mad.

Also, worried that I won't remember anything next fall. I feel like everything I've learned is slipping through my fingers. Yikes.

Tied our soccer game last night. It was crazy playing in the wicked humidity. While it didn't feel HOT HOT HOT out, it felt absolutely oppressive. We all sweat through our shirts, and then some. I don't mind humidity, but I must admit that I don't know how to cope with the copious sweating.

Did I mention that I love Dilly Bars?

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Essien said...

I wish you the best of luck getting into Calgary. I'm just sending them my final decision to not go there, so there'll be one extra space for sure as of tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. :-)