Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Belated Canada Day!

Had a great long weekend, although my legs look stricken by some kind of skin disease due to all my mosquito bites. Seriously, I've NEVER seen mosquitoes like that before. They were literally in a thick FOG for about two hours when we wanted to sit around the camp fire, those little vampires.

We went camping near Rocky Mountain House, took the ol' MH which lovingly (read: labourously and wheezingly) hauled a trailer with our quad and one of Jason's dirtbikes. At camp, we ate like kings, got to piddle around a BIT with the ATV's, and I (along with the ladies we were camping with) got to watch Jason partake in a marathon and cross-country bocce game with the three other men we were camping with. They literally played for about 5 hours, and we watched them tramping through bush, crossing gravel roads, and whooping and hollering ... it was hilarious.

Two couples we were camping with bought $400 worth of fireworks for the Canada Day celebration weekend, and we got our own private spectacle.

I have some pics, which I'll add once I get them uploaded (my batteries died before I could get them off the camera).

And ... thank goodness it's a short work week. Finally, it's summer, and I want my weekends to come as quickly as possible. Next week all the sports start up, so this will be my last "quiet" week until August. Of course, August may be hellish if I'm moving to Saskatoon, but ... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, have to go to the dentist today (yikes). For once, I've actually been flossing sporadically, though, so hopefully I won't have to be fully chastised!

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