Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh You Closed Memos

I found out we get them back on Friday at 2:30. It'll be a mad dash to the general office to pick them up ... I kind of feel sorry for the nice ladies that work there.

I'm taking it easy this morning, just finished eggs and toast, since I only have 3 hours worth of school today, starting at 11:30, and ending at 3:30. Shouldn't be too bad.

Had a meeting with the law school newspaper people yesterday, which went swimmingly. I'll be working on the next issue quite extensively, so I'm pretty happy about that. I've got to dust off my cynical wit and get it back in shape (or find it at all in the first place ... hmmmm).

ANTM is on tonight - I'm looking forward to that, as I am looking forward to the Night Under the Paper Moon fundraiser that Pro Bono is throwing on Friday. A chocolate buffet and an evening of jazz. Who could as for anything more?

Had the pleasure of chatting with some 2nd/3rd year law students, who confirmed my suspicions about law school in general. In the illustrious words of Graham Lang ... "THE ANSWER IS IN THE TEXTBOOK." Words to live by.

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