Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Battlestar Galactica, My New Bedfellow

A classmate told me about a site where you could watch Season 1 and 2 for free - and I found it the other day:

And ... it looks like they have a bunch of other shows you can watch, too. Finally, my heart's desire has been met (besides having my husband here with me - I love this since I have no TV hookup in my room).

I'm excited about getting caught up with that show. I LOVE it, but I'm a little lost right now. The added bonus of no commercials is truly divine.

Today I'm prepping for a Constitutional tutorial where we're going through some exam examples. This is going to be great, as this is my only 100% final in December (the rest of my exams are 20% midterms). I already wrote the practice midterm for this class, and did OK, but I definitely am a little fuzzy on how to answer an essay question (this is where the undergrad in CPSC doesn't help out so much). I think we're going to go over that, so that should be good.

In our LRW class today, we're going to go over exam prep/writing strategy. So ... I suppose that we officially approach exam season (nope - not the holiday season, that won't approach until my hard exams are over). So ... Merry Exams to you, and you, and you, and you.

My little car is safe in the parkade at school, and I think I'll bus it all day today, and let her remain covered. It just hasn't stopped snowing, and last time, the roads were way better after a few days of plowing. I've lived and learned, so to speak.

I still can't believe that Saskatoon is warmer than Calgary, and that the west coast got close to a foot and a half of snow. What is this crazy world coming to? I thought we were fighting global warming? Doesn't feel too warm now. This article explains the way I'll feel today when I'm trudging to the bus in -38 degrees C with windchill: Kyoro-Schymoto by: Karen Walchuk

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