Monday, November 06, 2006

So Hard To Get Going this Morning

I had a great weekend, kept busy with catching up on everything that I've been putting off lately. Didn't get to see Jason (sad), but did get a lot done (happy). Still VERY behind on my e-mail, though, which makes me sad as well. Hopefully I'll clear that up by the end of the day, though, since I brought my laptop to school with me today.

I got my closed memo back, and didn't fare too badly ... right on the class average, which is OK (not stellar), but OK. I got really great feedback on my memo (I think I was approaching the analysis from an exam perspective i.e. spit out everything possible, as opposed to a refined, clarified perspective, as we were supposed to). Two of the things that I was worried about, writing and citations, were two of my strengths (go figure), which leaves my mind at peace over the open memo.

I've gotten my passwords for Westlaw, and for Quicklaw, so I'm going to practice doing some research before the open memo is assigned (I have some stuff that I can look up for my Pro Bono project).

When I walked into school this morning, I saw a banner for a public lecture called "The Novelist as Physicist", where Alan Lightman will be giving a talk. Alan Lightman wrote Einstein's Dreams, and will be comparing the way that scientists and artists approach the world. I think the alternate title for this lecture could be "Exactly What Lisa is Interested In".

The lecture is Wednesday evening, so I'm going to have to check it out. I may have to put Einstein's Dreams on my reading list too ... we'll see how the lecture turns out.

We have a guest lecturer in Constitutional law this morning, Dr. John D. Whyte, a Senior Policy Fellow at the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy (which made me think of my friend Chris, who's in Montreal doing a Masters in Environmental Policy). Should be interesting.

We also have a special lecture today in Criminal law, with one of the judges that travels on the circuit through the territories, with emphasis on native law issues (I think talking about sentencing circles, etc.). Should be very interesting.

Looks like an enlightening week. And a busy one.

I can't believe it's November already. Time is going a little too fast (and a little bit - not fast enough - I miss my Hubby)!

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