Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm Stiff Today, and I Love It

I hit the gym again yesterday, for the first time since before Thanksgiving. I know, I'm lazy. But at least I'm back into it now. I also went to yoga at Yoga Central. This place is great, the first class was free (woo hoo), and they were very welcoming, and went at a good pace. Now my poor muscles are crying, but I'm proud, since it meant that I was doing more than just reading.

I forgot to mention, last post, about the Under the Paper Moon Pro Bono fundraiser that I went to last Friday night. We listened to the U of S Law Jazz ensemble, and were privy to the chocolate buffet at the Saskatoon Inn. It was heavenly. They had an art auction, and I was tempted to bid on a water colour of the law building, but it quickly moved out of my price range (yeah ... I didn't think I'd get it for $30 or under).

The first guest lecturer that we had yesterday, John Whyte, was great to listen to. Good ol' Alan Blakeney was there too, and got to add his two cents, which is always a riot. The focus of the talk was on November 5, 1981, the 25th anniversary of the confederation pact which was the precursor to drafting our constitution. John Whyte spoke about how regarding merely the constitutional text isn't sufficient in moving forward with our country, but that looking into the constitutional narrative that surrounds the development of our constitution is an essential element. Pretty interesting stuff.

The second guest lecturer yesterday, Madam Justice Beverly Brown, told us about her time in Nunavut, and what the criminal justice system there is doing to improve the delivery to the Inuit people; they've initiated youth panels to sit on young offenders cases, and they've integrated Elders into the criminal proceedings. Pretty neat stuff.

It was raining here early this morning, and I was ready to take off to go to school, but when I walked outside I almost did a feet reversal with my butt. It could have been pretty embarrassing. I decided to wait the ice out, since it's warming up here pretty quick. Hopefully by 9:30 it looks ok to drive, since I have no confidence in the city of Saskatoon to gravel any kind of important roadways.

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sundog said...

Oh, come on - where's your sense of adventure? Icy streets and bumper cars - good to get the blood pumping and the adrenalin flowing. And it's like finding treasure when you happen upon a street that has gravel sprinkled on it.