Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So Much to Talk About, So Little Time

I've been hard pressed to find time on the computer lately, as I've been stepping it up into high gear.

We get our open memos assigned to us tomorrow, and in anticipation of that I've gotten a couple of Tort textbooks out of the law library (yup ... I paid attention in the Legal Research and Writing class ... I've obtained secondary materials for myself to start initiating my legal research plan). I'd also like to find time to take a look at any of the sample memos on reserve.

I realized today that we only have three weeks of classes left (less, really) after this week. YIKES.

Jason and I went cross-country skiing on the weekend, and it was great. I've been hitting a yoga class, and I love it.

I also think, depending on the problem, that it would be really funny to cite my Torts prof in my memo by finding one of his books. It would be funny, but may not work out, depending on the problem.

I'm tired ... going ... to ... bed.

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