Monday, October 30, 2006

Let it Snow?

I had a wonderful weekend in Calgary. I flew in early Saturday morning, then went back to bed and napped until noon (oh the luxury). I got up, ran some errands with Jason, and then we cooked dinner for some friends of ours, heard some excellent news, and played my sister's backpacker card game from the UK (oh so very fun).

We went to bed late on Saturday, and when we woke up on Sunday, it was to a whole new winter wonderland of white fluffy stuff. It snowed like crazy, the snow plows were out in full force, and Jason and I didn't want to leave our cozy abode.

We did finally leave our lair, and had dinner at my parents place, where I got to see the family, and then I flew home early this morning. The plane landed at 9:45, and I was in class by 10:08. It was perfect.

Now, I'm debating whether I should do some reading for tomorrow, or have a catnap. Mmm ... catnap might win. Tough to say. I have one more class today at 3:30, and then some reading to do tonight (on account of doing no school at all this weekend).

Interesting notion ... I commented last week, to a group of people, that I would die without my siblings ... and another person in the group commented that that was wierd, since he would have stated that he would die for his brothers. "Without" vs. "for"; is it a boy/girl thing? A brother/sister thing? Or a selfish/sacrificial thing? What do you think?


the king said...

If you would die "without" them, it is a "given" that you would die for them and is so obvious that it does not need stating!

sundog said...

Dying as a result of not having them would imply that you are hopelessly broken-hearted - thus a selfish thing because YOU cannot bear it mentally or emotionally to be without them. Dying for them is a selfless act - you would not be able to bear living when you know you could have saved them by giving your life in their stead. Would you really 'die' without them - i.e. die from a broken heart or would you choose to die i.e. commit suicide because they weren't in your life? Fitting subject on the eve of Halloween.

Anonymous said...

vote: 'without' as selfish and 'for' as sacrificial
question is would u be able to live for them if they died

the queen said...

this is bizarre
wuld u die without siblings even tho u have a mate?

Lisa Hutch said...

I love all the comments!

I think what I originally meant when I said it was that any loss would be so profound, due to how close we are as siblings. I didn't mean that I'd literally DIE, but that it would be EVER so hard to cope.

I do think about the selfish angle, and I don't think that having a Hubby changes how I feel about them, since they're the ones that shared my childhood - different from how important my Husband is to me.

Very interesting. I love seeing other people's perspectives.

Selfish Lisa.