Monday, October 23, 2006

So, through some kind of bone-head move on my part, I wiped out a bunch of material from my sidebar (including my new books that I want to read/have read lists), and wiped out my footer completely. I'll slowly reconstruct it over the next few days, but it did give me the opportunity to switch counters. I decided to start over, and keep track of my site visits with, as I saw how Yorick was using it on his blog, and it all looked pretty snazzy.

I know that I could have just tracked down the code from my original counter, but I didn't want to. I hated it, wanted to start over, so don't even try to convince me.

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Yorick said...

Statcounter is great- it's even better than the "invitation only" Google Analytics program.

By the way, I've moved to

Like you, I needed a change. I'll add your link shortly.