Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Love Rice Pudding

I made some last night ... after my long, long day.

I was at school early to do my usual reading etc., hit all of my classes, and then did some running around after school. By the time I got home, it was about 7:00, and I was famished. The rice pudding was my treat for getting through a long day.

I wrote a piece for the student newspaper, the Caveat Lector. Their editor dude said that he liked it, and that I'd be invited to their next meeting. I'm excited.

I have to go now, and prepare for my tutorials, and get ready to do some serious studying tonight for my mock-midterm on Friday. I'm excited (really), since I bought some cue cards and fine-tip felts for the studying (yeah, I know, I'm an incredibly crazy nerd ... it's true, but I embrace it).

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