Thursday, July 06, 2006

I've Got Mail!

Not only is You've Got Mail one of my favourite chick flicks, but I was buzzing today when I opened my mailbox and realized how fun it is to think "You've Got Mail" when a letter is sitting pretty inside, especially when it's from U of S!

My letter from my future Law School contained a receipt for the $200 deposit that I paid to accept my spot, a few info leaflets about parking/housing etc, and the information from Admissions with my student ID # and password to logon to PAWS! WOO HOO - this is what I was waiting for.

I logged in and toured about, and even got my U of S e-mail address.

How fun - I feel like an official STUDENT now that I have my student ID etc.

There was an info leaflet included called "Computer System Information" which reminds me that I need to pick up a wireless card, and a USB memory stick for my laptop that I'm going to be taking out to Saskatoon.

I also just realized that I have no junk food in my house. Sigh. I'm having a sugar attack and I've got NOTHING!


Yorick said...

Here's an idea I wish I had toyed with my first year of law school (and might very well do the 2nd year if I get around to it.)

Buy a scanner- they're fairly cheap these days- and actually scan the pages you're assigned to read into the computer. You could read the case in the book like normal, but you could maybe get away with just lugging the laptop to class.

Once the info is in the thinkbox, you could highlight, bold, underline, etc. with a fairly traditional program.

I don't know how "practical" it would be- but I always thought it was a neat idea.

Lisa Hutch said...

That actually sounds like a good idea - and I already have a scanner ... I think if you didn't, you can get them fairly cheap.

Anonymous said...

I'm done with law school and wanted to comment on that suggestion - I suppose it could be useful, but you'd be scanning a freaking lot of pages.

Lisa Hutch said...

I suppose that you'd have to use the technique selectively ... if there was anything that you REALLY wanted to have infront of you.

You could always use the tried and true photocopy then hilight/write technique as well ... something to think about!

Yorick said...

It would be a lot of pages, but one could load a lot of pages before school even started- or perhaps do it once a month.

We read a lot the first year, but not THAT much- it would be doable. If anything it would be a back-up, because it is truly scary to have nothing in front of you because you've forgotten your book.

The truly daring could actually acquire a penknife to cut their pages down the spine, which would allow for quicker scanning- before hold punching them and sticking them in a binder. That way, you'd only have to carry the section/chapter you were actually studying to class.

All I know is I got quite sick of lugging all those books around.

Just an idea- nothing more.